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1 / Lesson of interest

In the 2nd month of nursing course, our professor gave us a very unexpected question the oral exam. I was surfing through most of the questions on the test, and surprise stop at the last question: "Please provide the name of the woman cleaning our schools?". A question not in the professional, well this is just a joke question. I thought so!
In fact, I've seen the woman several times. She was tall, dark hair and approximately 50 years but how can I know her name be? I ended up with his homework last sentence is omitted.
Last hour test, one student asked the professor said: "Does he have the points to the last question over there?", he replied: "Sure," he continued, then "At work, you will meet many people, they all are important, they deserve the attention of the children, even just a smile or a greeting."
I've never forgotten that lesson on each step of his later life, and I will never forget the name of that woman, Ms. Dorothy.

2/Bai learn about the help

In an unusually stormy night on deserted streets of Alabama, which was 11:30 at night, there was a black lady still tops despite the rain lashed whip continuously on face, trying desperately waving arms to get a ride.
A zippy car, then add one more car, no one noticed the arm seems to have frozen because of stiffness. However, the woman still hoping the next car and waved. A white man gave her the car. (Despite the ethnic conflict in 1960). The old woman seemed really rushed, but do not forget to thank and record address of the guy.
Seven days passed, the door kind of guy knock on the door rang. The young man was very surprised to see a giant TV in front of his house. A letter was attached which read: "Thank you for giving her a ride on a rainy night that day. The rain drenched not only did it make clothes that cold heart and spirit her again. Then, at that time she has appeared as an angel. Thanks to her, she was having her poor husband before he breathed his last. Again she wanted to thank you already did not help her hit the galaxy. "
Last letters were the words: "Sincerely - Mrs. Nat King Cole."

3/Bai learn about gratitude

Oh, this is my favorite ice cream!
At a time when ice cream juices are very cheap, there is a story about this 10 year old boy: One day, Jim - the boy's name - after a while walking around, looking beverage outlets tilt to the second largest city, where ice cream juices which he enjoyed, powerful form approached the door, and push enter. Choose an empty desk, a chair he sat down quietly and wait for people to serve.
Only minutes later, a waitress approached Jim and placed in front of him a glass of water. Waitress looked up, he asked: "Let me ask how much a fruit juice ice cream disk you?". "50 cents" she replied in service. Hearing this, Jim immediately hooks in their pockets and some odd pennies, to calculate a moment he inquired: "So how much money a normal disk cream you?". "35 cents", the waiter is patiently replied to him that although the guests at the store was very crowded and is waiting for her. Finally, the waitress also brought Jim ice cream which he requested, and to serve other tables. The boy finished ice cream, leaving money on the table and left.
When the waiter returned to the table, she burst into tears when he saw two of zinc (a copper equivalent to 5 cents) and 5 odd coin is placed neatly on the table, next to pay 35 cents for ice cream disk, which had called Jim - Jim did not have ice cream juices which he likes because he only had enough money to pay for a plate of normal cream and a little money for her tip.

4/Bai learn about self-discipline and responsibility

Past is past it, it's a King, one day he was wrong soldiers placed a large rock lies astride the road. Finished, he hid in a nearby bush and tracking.
turn he saw, the wealthy merchant pass, then to the courtiers of his passing, but no one intended to throw rocks into the aisles to make room for both, they just do mentally blaming the king for failing to keep streets clean.
A moment later, the king saw a farmer going to a car with a heavy bulky vegetables. See the rock, the farmer stopped the car and jumped to the ground, he tried his best to push the boulder to the other side of the road. Just as he had just mumbled: "Unfortunately, if someone does not see you and stumbling, nodding sure it will." Where it is finished, the farmers returned the car to continue to go forward, then suddenly saw a bag of money to do not put right where he had moved the rock. It was a gift of a king is the man who moved the rock.
farmer's story has helped us realize a precious thing that many of us never noticed: obstacles can sometimes be a good opportunity.

5/Bai learn about the sacrifices

Already long ago, many years have passed, when I was a volunteer at a hospital, I know a little girl named Liz - she is suffering from a very serious disease.
The only chance of surviving is her brother instead of blood from his 5-year-old, who has overcome a similar illness due to the extraordinarily specific antibody in the body. Doctors discussed and explained this to him before he agreed to ask her sister drops of his blood. Then, I saw a fleeting hesitation on my face the other small. Finally, with a deep breath and he definitely responded that "I agreed to do it to save my sister."

Lying on the bed next to my sister more convenient for a blood transfusion, the boy glanced at his sister and glowing eyes when you see the joy on her cheeks pink up each drop of blood being passed from person to him. But then, his face becomes pale suddenly filled with anxiety, the boy looked up at the doctor and asked with a trembling voice: "I would die right now doctor?" Then the little boy's immaturity we thought that he will give his sister all his blood in order to save her people and her then he will die.
You see, after all the misunderstandings and his actions, he had all died by virtue ...
Is life sentence: "Give what you have, then you will be compensated."

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