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Immerse yourself in a drunken men love

- Until now, nearly eight years have passed, I still remember the day, the first kiss 02/11/2003...Nu warm in your arms between the first cold breath of winter.

my heart tremble with strange emotions of love ever.

This time stand still.

We've started a love pure and beautiful like that there. All that we give and receive is tied to a single word: the first time. I had a true first love, and he did so.

First, what is awkward, clumsy but full of emotion.

You and I, drunk men fell in love, sweet things first amorously that both can enjoy. We have years of happiness in his right. Now, every time you recall, I still laugh out loud ...

I remember, four years we love each other, you and me like two sam never separated. I remember, I always held my hand anytime, anywhere. His hands are large with long fingers, steady, rest your hand holding a warm and confident. Ravishing smile, always makes me dumbfounded as first seen.

This is an insider, and the human, why you? Dam goofy, envy, suspicion: love ư students, small-town girl ư urban boys, first love ư, never the first. The family also prohibit, impede.

"Some of the first love of grace to desire, much as his first love was a dream round where you ..."

I listen but do not want to believe, because I think that the small proportion that will fall on me, on me, on our own.

Immerse yourself in the men say love, romance angle, The Love - Sex, tam su love, or love stories, and confided, "I love you, first love, romantic corner, gender love

Now, I've had a Happily married with two kids, a boy a girl (Artwork)

He is always smiling and do not mind, because what is to come.

And we still love each other ...

Now, I've had a happy family with two kids, a boy a girl, a nice big house and a bright future . He always told me that I really loved his wife, loves his children, loved his family. Do not you ever want to lose it and nobody can take it off his hands are. "

You really are very happy. I read it in his eyes, realizing that in his storytelling, and understand that I love her like when the hand is always sparkling wedding ring, which discarded many husbands only a few days after the wedding.

I also have a happy family. A wonderful husband who loves me always out of ink, to share with you all the sad happy in life. My two angels, a boy and a girl born quickly, mount the house warm. You know, he really is half true of me, boy.

We have things that are not easily obtained, and a dream of many people, you know? So I always tell myself please do your best to keep their families small. And he, too, you very much, never disturbed or perverted heart problems and then lost it. Because we are lucky in the word "rarely" in the sentence above song, loved husband sir.

wish him a healthy new year, thankfully, every day loving you and your children are more.

Do not forget to buy a rose just for you people four-year anniversary of their wedding themselves. I do not need more and no need to add anything.
(According TTOL)

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