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If you love me

I would say is love me back but actually contradict verbal action. Maybe time for his job so much they sometimes forget he is still waiting for his message. Possibly because of social pressures placed on him as he tired.
But if you love me, I'm sad he did not do so much. If you love you did not make you wait for each item in the cafe when he date me coffee. I waited nearly two hours and I leave the sadness alone can not be called names. If you love me for me he did not always have a message for him first, then he was a private again. I once deliberately message to see if he does not remember me, but 5 days and still not found his touch.

Only when they meet again at his agency, he said the work so much that he forgot. If you love me you have to remember to celebrate the holidays and my birthday. Dang it he asked what she likes, she says, then he considered his options as there is no. He justifies that he did not know to buy gifts. If you love me why he did not perform his promises. He let me believe that I was happy to have him help me and he can not forget.

I see as never promise you anything. If you love me so he let me in tears every night when I remember. If you love me why do not you come with me as I need. If you love me why he let you go alone in the rain. You know you need a hand at the winter warmer. I need a question of comfort, encouragement when I'm sad. I need a shoulder to be able to reach a firm like crying. They need a gentle hand to know you still by my side.

If you love me why I do not know what he needs. Whatever the matter with you, I'm still the best. Even though I do not love you like I said, I do not care whether you did what you promised it in my heart, I will always love you!

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