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If tomorrow you apart

When two people love each other, no one would not think of a tomorrow, a car pink flower card, that boys and girls of the same household, as you and I will create a castle full of happiness. Future, who loves but does not love her desire to fruition.
alone I never think about, ask that you keep thinking ... if tomorrow you apart ...

If tomorrow apart
Sometimes space will not be filled
hot kiss will not need to keep warm
On the environment ... so that it melts
long dry cracks ...
If tomorrow
apart his fairy painting is also the color
Who'll be the princess
To whom the Prince Castle
who kept the other dreams?
If you forget each other tomorrow
The old city is painted into nostalgia
used to find the foot angle
another surprise music the old days, one bank melancholic song If tomorrow

through each eye sees through the pain any longer Drops of one king
sing sorrow
arms far away, cold know where to find? If tomorrow I

far away each other's children and his first love
Lac wild species between the two Koreas opportunity
Yeah! Who knows, tomorrow you apart ...

It is thought that dreams do not you know, not optimistic, I do not believe in love there. Where do, I dream more than that, believe in love even better than that, just ... I want you to appreciate what is there, as now, is he ... and children.

I think tomorrow or far apart, why it?

If tomorrow you apart ...

He will not have to worry about busy arranging everything fast fast to have time for children to play.

I'm not afraid to remind me to eat on time every day, because they are damaged well, never bear to eat your meals, all you have to threaten "retirement" only just heard.

I will not have to worry about his journey after payment has been doing what, rain to get wet so he can not, go home with a cold or runny nose does not? But when I do my best for the job, his health is very revealing.

If tomorrow you apart ...

I'm not afraid to go drinking coffee with her, but you somehow miss seeing you.

will not be afraid when these guys go drinking with my friends were grumbling, "I drink less, okay."

indulge will go swimming, to "massage" the boss, to fix computers for friends till late and not reporting them, not only me all night waiting for his loss of form.

I'm not afraid to refuse the invitation of skeptical friends because then you're next.

Will not afraid today to calculate each child's plan is nothing have any overlap at free to enlist his cooking for a few dishes you like ...

yet ...

If tomorrow you apart, one would forced you to go to bed early every night, forced you to try to get a full medical examination, forced you not cry when our blow, not wandering in the street running when he was scolded, do not talk to any What affects you, not to let myself fall ...

If tomorrow you apart, forcing him to get someone to carry my Vespa to roam around, nobody will catch him after all this talk on something else in life, who ordered him to hug every time something scared. And ... Who will he just loves only me alone ...

which we so far apart ...

I would not of keeping what belongs to him anymore , will not have heard the same name who he is pleased choose busy, that is what he likes to spend money donated for it.

will not try to think about what to do any happy surprise for me when we met, so bring anything as far apart when looking for help to remember.

Yeah, take apart then there is nothing to admit. At that nostalgia is not wonder dau.Anh beliefs, natural things you say to yourself apart, transport it to the risk may, after this you from loss, then why?

I do not dare to write about what happiness, I always try to keep the joy in my heart, for it to memories. Perhaps they are selfish, only gathered to hold their own happiness. Yeah, then you a little selfish, I want to take everything in your heart fully, to share smiles for everyone ... from the love that you are.

I did not write about a better tomorrow for us, because we will do all that tomorrow. I want to imagine a tomorrow without each other, lose each other to know how I'll be sore, how sorry, sad to where ... Trying to preserve and cherish today, so that although it apart, we will never have to say "sorry." He agrees with me?

In this life nothing is forever, the "forever" is located in the heart.

In this world nothing is perfect, the "perfect" is in limited awareness of each of us.

This life without love what is called immortal, the immortal "what lies at the that brings lovers together.
And ... Today is tomorrow's past!
Today there are plenty of other please each other.
days after losing another ... Where there is division fever!

(According khocviem.0rg)

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