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If only he knew

Take this pair for yourself bring to class!

No need to look at, I know it was me. The familiar voice is very considerate and often appears next, does not surprise me but it was not pleasant. I looked up, frowning slightly, shy person to one side:

Thank you! I do not need!

He still stood there, hesitant, waiting for me to change my mind. School, when I'm struggling to find ways to get the bike the hard way, I do accidentally passing by:

Wait there, I'll help!

I look neglected not to hear. He smiled, repeating the offer. I looked up to face light sweat, shaking his head:

Thank you! Do it yourself!

His proposal was timely and very necessary. But the only response is a denial from my cold. The meantime, if you looked up, I will look classy on his face. It is a blend of mercy and so angry: Why she (I) can behave like this?

I was a child no luck. Two, an evil monster craze has made my right leg was paralyzed. Since then, instead of running and jumping, playful as other children, after many tries, I can only wear step steps.

However, I have a pretty face beautiful. With other girls, it was a gift of nature. But to me, things like irony. At an early age, I've often seen eye laments the copy and mouth: "Poor, yet she was pretty handicapped."

Back then, I did not notice. Growing up, be aware of their circumstances, I think, the price is not as pretty as I am probably better. The gaze will seem less mercy.

Return, I have a great mother. She said, I'm much more happy children with disabilities. But at least I'm paralyzed walk, even just type a semicolon. Mom said, I have two arms and a head heal health. All costs, I have proved not inferior people.

Listen to her, I do everything like a normal person. In class, my head is always in the top. I am also familiar with the eye pity or malice teaser. I vowed to do everything that is not so hard as anyone can.

So, I always try to not thanks to the help of friends, including his , the son of an electronics shop owner's biggest town. However, he often expressed interest to me in a special way. However, in response, I have proved indifferent to the cold. Sometimes even rude makes him "home" in front of everyone.

Simply because I dislike him, although I see the clear brown eyes of his honesty and calm simple, understanding and trust protection is not pity. But I do not like the way the girls surrounded him on every road. Sometimes I tell myself he was not guilty. But I do not want to be the first n +1 clinging to him. But the cold did not hurt him.

One day, when I was sitting by the window looking at the stone bridge in the yard with your eyes crave, I come next: " Thanh Tram! I have given you this. " I do not come back, "Thank you Quang! But what I do not get! Please donate Yen Quang Bich Thao Nhi or her. Or Thu Ha Ngoc Lan or were. "

I also specified" listed "additional list of fans, but he stopped suddenly arrested by the giggles," Hey! Then I shall regret it! Did not know what that Tram refusal? ". I shrugged, indifferent. If not, the hairpin is definitely a cotton bunny has two long ears waving.

"Come on! Rather see something. " He still stood by patiently. I had his eyes off the window. On hand is a new book drive: "Journal writing Nguyen Ngoc Tu." I put both hands pick up the slack, not hide glee: "Oh! I thank you! What a precious gift. "

These are real words. I really like Nguyen Ngoc Tu. In one night, I crash matures "finished" Acres of endless "next morning returned to you a little nostalgic. I love their books. But for me, buying books is a luxury, beyond my limited financial and mother.

He quietly sat down next to: "I know I shall like!" . I love lucid cover sheet of shiny, round eyes looking at me: "Why Quang know?". He laughed: "Many times, I found Tram seen tigers in the book stores books." "Ah It turned out his own track. " The vicious in my eyes seemed to express that.

Awkward English: "No! Just because his voice, also enjoyed the book ...". My heart softened. I smiled: "Quang off to donate! Just occasionally been considered a loan. "

It's a landmark from which I am not uncomfortable in the game now, seated next to him, once the" spread "all sorts stories, all the clouds, sun and wind to discuss, discuss a short story just read. I see he is not "right" really smart and funny he should start looking at gradually seem less distant.

Sometimes, they also poked two kids in class because he saw "care "I was a bit technical. But then everyone shrugs: How a person like you could love me? It can only be pity. Or more kindly, is generosity, as a kind jewelry for the perfect appearance of him.

Old house for four of my family in a small alley. The morning he went out, hiding behind a tree across the street nacre. Then do it accidentally, when I was with the bike just emerging from the alley, his car, crazy ga to. He told me no because he took the car to the road.

But I stubbornly shook his head: "You just go ahead! I went slowly to the well. " I think I'll run next buzzer, with stories under the sun. However, the wording of humor made me laugh and tired off road seem shorter.

One day, two days. Finally, I sit next to his scooter. From there, on the wind (which in this city every day no wind!) My bike has not just huff again.

I parked Pedagogical University of Ho Chi Minh, while he went to study self-sufficiency. Today you off at the airport, he looked at me Dam Dam, "I can promise ... is ... Quang Tram will be waiting to return? Quang ... Quang Tram will care for life ...". I turned away, sad smile, "I really thank Quang! But ... I had a boyfriend. "

his eyes would go wild and choking voice said:" It ... why? Who ... Who is happy that Tram huh? ". I wore hand end of the village: "Then will know ...".
Look under his head sadly look into cabins for guests, I felt frostbitten. If only now I know this: There will be nobody to replace him in my heart because what guy would not be thoughtful, caring and love me like him. But you deserve happiness with another girl, comedy integrity, not me ...

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