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If I were you!

If you are a son, and his daughter, I will praise his beautiful every day, though the truth is so or not. I'll puff and rolled his eyes carrying with anyone who dared criticize her.
I'll hold my hand in crowded places, not because he feared lost, but for people to look at the chisel that "it's two kids love it."

I would sit watching him cry and resupply mission for a tissue every time we see him sad, though I see the situation clearly that nothing is worth the tears.
I will lead him to eat ice cream, tea, eat, eat things that disabled children a daughter and son also likes whom did hate. I will sit and not eat the food she watched though nothing is delicious, because I know you hate to eat alone.

I will try to use all neurons regardless of son to get out today he's wearing a new coat or hair cut to 2 cm, although most cases, this attempt was futile.
I will praise his hair long to see clearly when you ask, though actually it is like anything. Cause you know I would very much long hair.
I will cheerfully wake up at 4 am to call him up to work even then you do not know what up.

I will listen to him nonstop things in the world, on all sorts of people that I never once heard the name let alone know the face, with the ability to focus all of a son .
I will always be honest. If you wake up one morning, he found no heart anymore, I will phone you and say: "Hey you, its only far apart."
I will never promise something distant about five, ten years. I only promise what you can do it because I know her daughter promised not like marquetry.
Swearing I would never do anything for him. But I will do so.
If you are a son, while his daughter, it would be like. So you're a girl, and he was a boy, it would be like?


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