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I will bless him

/ div> Today was day 10 since their split, the last word I say: When will regulate all relationships, I touch lightly.

Well, you and I met when all too late, I had a woman bring her husband and two children inside their little wild, but man he met misfortune in the family life. I have a rooster as a child age full of life. We come together from my understanding, from understanding and sharing. I never thought that I would love someone outside her husband come to see him, but all were upset.

I tried to forget, trying to dismiss because it was all over, his obsessive guilt. I have used everything for a reason to dismiss all of his pictures from the beginning, but then all became powerless when seeing him. Once I told him I would even just an hour with me you do not have to think everything in life, to his e just, just think of him without thinking of any binding. But then when they are ready for your time, all the desire that what seems impossible.

I have been with you, is not a language that is quite a long time but I also can not be comfortable, I always obsess headache of your sins, that she was damaged woman, I also know that he was not happy to do. He had told me a lot, talking about HP, talk about fate, that he can not make me suffer, who can not break my happiness ... that he is a man, especially when there are not bound at all the simple things with him, but if nothing happens the little people suffer directly is you, you will be faced with very many implications in the world ... and he scared me pain, misery.

I told you so much ... had sat at my own analysis of rodents to see I love you How can I love you and I did think for you, or you may not love him enough to dismiss all when thinking of you ... I do not know, just know that you love me enough.

Around this time to look back for the second of his relationship, he is no reason to leave me, I truly wanted it, but do every day, every hour you always think of him? Thought to smile, you said, all is just about as he was in there for you so. I remember every gesture of affection, hugs rush, was it just me, but do not sleep, just so you know, but I feel we belong to each other.
Life is very short, enjoy the happiness to know as to require much more difficult.

I know something about our own happiness is in sin and suffering, but my heart also had moments of happiness to be with him. You promised me, he will distance, you will not even have to face all the pain and suffering, but we must accept his fate alone, they also family, he must seek a new happiness. All the children will be beautiful and sad memories, which contain the emotional states of happiness-suffering. You'll find a woman to love him, loved his little brother, when you find one then I believe that the first he is to bless you ... He assured you very much.

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