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I was the center of the universe, by my mother

Before regenerated
I'm a mother of three children, I used to wear the clothes fit and appropriate. I also rolled up and hair every day. I take care of your eyebrows and nails thoroughly.

But nobody gave me kisses or complimented me sweating slightly as beautiful parody

In a previous life, I have enjoyed reading newspapers and watching television. I can not ignore popular cult novel does. But nobody asked me to read fairy tales in bed. In a previous life, I used to have jobs and friends. People have asked my opinion and confidence entrusted to me the project important and confidential information. But nobody asked me what your favorite color or why the sky so blue.

In a previous life, I often went to gymnastics classes, restaurants and theaters. Last week, I went shopping for her and she sleeps very late. But nobody gave me a business card or gave me flowers. In a previous life, I've traveled many places. I have done all the way and his fate. But nobody asked me to push the swing higher. No one invites me to play against the country, against the land.

In a previous life, I have freedom. I made my way and follow your dreams. There is nothing hindering me. But that path uncertain and obscure vision. There is always someone to give me enough for my purposes soaring. Now, my hands are always clean piles of toys, clothes.

I dragged and shocked shirt, to be bothered and harassed, the foot was stepped on, sat on her body and no time alone. Sometimes I wonder who I am and I became a person.

Then, one of my children shouted: "Mother, I need you."

It becomes apparent. I'm the center of the universe, by my mother.

Bat Break The employee

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