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I want to say

also thinking she like yesterday, my heart breaking and painful end. Right now I feel so miss you too, remember him to kill and skin bitter.

that his days struggling to be together, with premature heart NOT a new little girl 18 years old, I love you with all my heart. That day he sacrificed his whole life to prove to me that as long as you love me. And then with intense love you've given your heart and life to him.

But brother! Life is sometimes unfair and very cruel. I awoke just as surprised that he had lost not believe him, he betrayed me ... The biggest pain of the girl.

I believe in love and never thought this day would come, the day that I witnessed firsthand his passenger waiting and daughter other out. He is half my life, I will not live if he lost in life. I thought so when I still sometimes together. But when the facts took place, but you also have to continue to live strong.

I just hope once told him that all of my heart, so that you go without saying particular, this meeting did not last, not a reason.

Every day I think about him, about how much memory when the rain came to celebrate .. .

I left for you to endless pain, tears streaming down between his lips always smile when weddings are at your side. Right now, hand-write this for you but I know for sure that he would never read me my tears fall again after 4 months away from him. His image is present in my heart forever even if I tried to remove it.

He had the mind erasing the memories of three years how to love each other. About me again tormented past and live with the pain of love women. But they could not hate him is, to love me back ... Sometimes I hate myself, I was cruel, so flat that you know how much he would still be happy with who he selected. And despite how come you still love me again, my first love. If I should live with the pain but you promised to live well because I love people like that. Every day I think about him, remember how to celebrate when the rain came. Love from a rainy season began and ended well with a rainy season. Sitting alone silently smiled and then cried himself.

When lips absent smile, I know that happiness is gone, I had lost him forever, lost moments of warmth inside each other. And deep ends of the pain is still a fervent love for him. Hope you remember you even in moments of loneliness, live very healthy and happy you very much.

I love you!

* * *

Parting simply split
My dear, why that?
I lost each other, is not he!?
Send me - who I once loved

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