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I want to kiss you captivated

England dear,
England, while weaving in his hand, he can feel loved skin kill my love for him. When they are full of happiness with you. Only you can see the peace and warmth. I love you more than myself, I always heard he was good. I want passionate kiss like the wind. And gentle as he leaned into the fall.

I want to love you well when we fumbled clumsily together. From now I see the blood flow to the heart, once loved each other as well as life. I desire to meet him, desire to be hand in hand. Desire to be together in the late afternoon twilight, hungry hair blowing in the wind with joy together, wandering hungry in the spring rains hit on all the lunar new year.

Near him I found a warm friendship. Away from me Then you would miss. I have known happy to share joy and sadness with him. You happy when you happy, you know sacrifice for his happiness. That is true love you are. My sincere feelings forever lasting over time you very much. Ten years, twenty years from now, when the old man I still intact soft mouth sincerity for me today.
Do you know him very meaningful to me not. I love, I told him next to you is not feeling scared, lonely, let the children you very much, I wish you every second of every minute. My dear, you know how happy I was when I called my dear and sweet to know how when you call him my love. Why do you love me, do not know how many times I've wondered the same. There you will always be glad to love you forever.

I just know I love you more than all this world. Oh want to tell you much, just know you love me forget all the space time.


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