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I'll wait ENGLISH

" I love you, give him a year then, a year to forget his ghosts are there. "

Well I'll wait for you! He was a gentle guy, quiet and serenity. What makes a person indifferent to always love like you want to be loved? Is is me, I went and lit a fire in my heart has long since my cool. He comes to me very quietly and peacefully. Peace that surprised me because my heart was towards him from when. He liked the gentle, peaceful and soft. His quiet and serenity, and I a lively girl, said more and noisy.

Opposite, maybe I should not he? but people will say two opposite poles attract each other, so I believe it was a wonderful combination of you and me. The first thing I care about you you know what? It was the night he sat alone in his room and he told me about his first love. Relationship that was 5 years ago is still intact in my heart. I was touched and loved him. I am very touched by his love for her to win. It has made me start from sympathetic to him when you feel bad that night but I know my heart began to rise. I have loved, had been suffering and I do not dearly love.

I always ignore other people's emotional win for me. I consider it a frivolous things emotionally, just the first two blades each of a guy standing in front of a woman only. I have contempt for his son, the son of faith in me, faith in love is not there. I also thought no one could open my heart again. My heart was frozen from the cold on my first love and then broke up. Look at me everyone said would never know what is where babies cry, a smile like you do not know how it is rather sad and I cry almost certainly a conversation that way. My friends who also say that you sir, you know. But perhaps no one understands you have spent months on how bad. I cried every night, I collapsed completely. I just wish that night came quickly, because just about every night as she lived most her heart. I'm not embarrassed laugh, not to be joyful when I was dead inside. I know you do not lose faith that I had wanted to become a nun. Me bored and I want life to be quiet calm of mind.

There were times I tried to talk her son into the temple at a time and see what she has yelled at me a match. I feel sorry for her parents too much. I started working on doing what you want, do whatever you have to do to forget time. During the day I laugh, I was happily humming them that. To night when children are left alone can be your own, real live humans em.Da many years and you keep falling tears that I cried because I did not understand anything else here. Up until now I still cry every night alone in that lonely lonely. You are powerful and fun anymore so I do have something rather weak. Yet I was so weak there. I desire, I always find a true love but finding forever remain. No one could change the hearts of the children were cold. People say they like it just has a lot of his principal, he would die a lot. With those words I love it like the breeze right ear, sometimes you also see her hurt feelings of the people rejected us because they understand love a person without response, then how will suffer.

But love, how can we accept a person you do not have feelings but, how can you love when your heart refuses. And then he came, he came into my life. Things began to change. I have feelings for him unilaterally, he did not know what it was not. I've waited, but he has not one line message, is not a call for you. I knew I had failed, she began loading him into a small compartment in my heart for supporting me sad more than it hurts. When you think you love for him had failed, he would not open up to you where it is as I received his message. A message was short but I do not know how happy I was first. And then my love for him to blossom. I really want to see you, really want to know I have to remember you as you did not remember him. And when you know I also think of you, I feel very happy and nothing can stop me to him. And so you have to hit the road for him. He said I was busy playing, I truly was too busy playing correctly. Tomorrow I have exam this afternoon so that cars have captured hundreds of miles to come near him. I miss you, I want to reconfirm my love for you to win and more importantly, I want to know I have won a corner for me not. You let me read the lines of his mind. I understand, the first love in my heart forever you and me can never fade it. I love him to win respect for her and she did not want him to forget it. He said you give me time, I agree. I do not want him to come over so easily, first love has always been in me that I could welcome you, then you will miss it. I admire his love for her to win.

has been 5 years, 5 years is not a short time but I think it is enough to give solace to the pain and temporarily into a corner in the heart. But with him five years he won his feelings for her still intact, he still followed the lives of people every day. Remember, usually, extremely painful but he remained inside, though he's craving to hear her voice. He did this to be true, she was married then. Do not get the happiness of people he has loved her since the end of the past that are affected. And I also believe in my heart, she still won a corner for children anh.Con? What would you with me here. He said they lack something he needed. I need a girl who is sure his side. But they are too awkward, he said I do not know anything. His saying that made me sad, I'm sad because I need in me I did not have. I was born into a wealthy family, but my parents do not lack for anything. You are a parent, loving brother out of ink. I became the princess of the house, from living in the pampered baby and children have become lazy.

It is my daughter clumsy, lazy and do not know anything . But you, sir, because you can change. I can do anything to please him. I know you want to work every day he will be eating the dishes by hand the girl he loves cooking for him. I do not cook delicious, not as I do not know how to cook a head start. I will try to each side, he will smile and say "I cook is delicious." He asked me, my feelings for him had to be love or just not as flashy as the new. No boy, I love you not because he is a vice president or because he was new to me. Although he is just a normal employee, then you still love me. Maybe he did not understand me. Thing you need is an anthem of my true love rather than material things frivolous or flashy looks like he thinks. With the other girls outside of what may attract them, but he did not, with you, then absolutely not. "Do not think because of that that I fell in love you very much new. Do not ever think of me in that way, if you think you understand me so, and he may not respect you then. I have met many very successful sons even superficially very nice but why do not you agree. Because they lack the emotional things I need, it's a true love, a mature, thoughtful and not the flashy there.

Do not know much about him, and I will try to every day he will understand better, each day a little bit. I'll wait for you, I'll wait until I really opened my heart to receive. Although I know that day might be very far away, that day may never come to you. Although suffering can again then I will wait for you wait for me, because I believe he is my love! People are very strange. Needed, wanted, loved what you have said but did not get the respect and preserve it. To lose the last time that I can not live without it. Not to lose then to appreciate. Do not then know to keep. Do not leave too late to say ...

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