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I still love you

Until that time. 5 years ago I was sad.
I and I are together, when I was a tourist Guides Practice learning by doing, I highly 1m73 and is considered very popular look. But you, you are not too good but gentle, delicate, charming smile and gentle strokes, bright eyes, mix a little voice in Saigon where he lived. You're a young worker Bac Thang Long industrial zone. Did not understand why I loved you so. I also really loved me, it seems we hardly utter a sentence for using brand love each other very much, love each other very much. After each trip to the place I usually find them, everything stops, I ; forget work, school, worries, children are often the little things then with my sister in the company how to tease me? How does work? I just sat watching me hear you say, you cook me food. 7:30 I leave me with the last bus from the American Family Loa before Nhon bus. Approximately 20 km apart when the two weeks should have to visit them once a gift is just picking the flowers themselves, or some donut, or a few cloves because I like beans.

Almost never known to us until one day ... I screamed into the phone that I Love You! when I knew I was going to lose. Not my wife loves me, not you other people, not because of my family that I did not marry well. A boy worried about his students have not finished, not finished learning what to take care of you a happy life. I knew I had to leave me, let me return to life as its capital, you have to have a better chance because I was 24 years old, my tears keep flowing out while reading the message "I am a girl, so I waited and later life will turn out. What should I do now? I love you." People say goodbye, I say nothing I just cried, quietly ran to hug me, hug. I like rending but I do not cry, take me to the bus, look when I last saw my bus approached the car running again do not forget to turn back say: But I still loved you best Oh Hang. . face down on the seat no one tried to see me cry.

A year after they heard me laugh, well not invite me. Perhaps my fear of pain. I still call to inquire. By now you have a baby. Maybe I live a happy life. I still regularly follow my life day by day, sometimes I just want to call you only to hear a word you say but not enough courage for fear of affecting the family. Now I was a deputy director, no family, no lover maybe I love you too, I tried my best to get today, but then why ....? now I wish I had one as old as now, the only love my skin was less poor, bitter, never gave me a gift to the soul, love more years that have never went out together? .. price as on that day I can take care of you a bit as we love each other, they are demanding ever? never, not at all, but I think more and more commercial. Separated not only make myself miserable, I have not stepped up loud in the phone that the statement did not say anything. how many years I still find himself in a familiar image of each object, every moment. Suddenly I burst into tears when hearing a familiar song or saw a thin shadow of someone much like you ...

"Hang Oh if he is too obstinate, or because I love you too, if he is too stupid, weak. Now I know what to do, My heart is still waiting, waiting for what? he cried, he raised his hands caught each heart night. the memories are still rushing back and broke into tears in the corners of the eyes, love it, usually very, very small, nodding .... Sometimes I want you to shout that I still love you and cry a battle for hearts light! but I realized the only thing I can do for you is to give me rest with my own life.
Every Brother, I Still Love You

"Love a person does not necessarily get them. But there is a problem that they love to take them, keep them. Life was not sure what the second one dear. "
By ciamd

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