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I still love him

I was born and raised on the rural poor, only around five" in the land sale, sell back to heaven. " Sunny place - the wind of the land beloved of Nghe An.

Day I was a young 17-year-old girl sitting on the school. 17 years old broken horn, innocent - in the morning do not know what love is? Only two sessions that day to school, then swooping up into the womb of that pet.
Then one day school, a friend invites me into the bar chat. They were sure I was rustic furniture, a century now and then but do not know how much substance? So we've made it for me a nick name "gaingheo_ditimnguoiyeu."
Chatrooms I entered the room. Nick name was one that struck my eye "codon_dsx."
"Welcome! Familiarize yourself nhé!
Ok! Very pleased to meet you. You please introduce yourself to yourself .. .. "
From that day I was online with the desire to meet him. through a time we were given to each address, and letters. He was a man from Ha Tinh. He finished college and now working at a northern mountain provinces sect, Ha Giang - land of the nation address.
In a cold winter evening he loves me speak. I'm really happy and have people I love him, although we never once been met. Know each other only through pictures and bathroom only.
Morning I am going to school guard ran up to get the mail. Today he does not have mail my heart is sad, sorrow. I love you study hard, deeply aware of what he should do in the future. And so I was denied my self all the fun playing with friends. I do not like to crowded places like amusement before. I like to sit alone on his lovesick.
Three school years quickly passed, remains in my memories are happy - sad confusion. Students love is beautiful, more romantic dreamer. The letter he sent me a letter dated and gradually disappear. without you these days then it was miserable. I suffer, sad empty without anyone dare say. They will know what to say when I'm in love without even knowing a person face?
Those painful days and then passed, now I am a student of a secondary school in Hanoi accounting. I promise from my heart that will not love again, learning is most important now. In my mind now no shadow of him. I no longer suffer when I think about him anymore.
And what is it to come. Also in a cold winter day, taking the outdoor particle waving drizzle Ha into the landscape more bleak future. I go online to talk with friends at home. I met him. And since I love to blossom, I once again opened his heart to catch on.
Now he is an accountant in Backan. He gave me words of love, warmth most. My weekend line up opposite him instead of his visit to Hanoi to visit me. We're hand in hand, and the rain passionate kiss. Together knives on their way to town. He promised me a lot. He promised to take me to visit his parents, visiting the blue line as in La song that I keep hearing.

Hear words of love that is not how long, the first time today I'm gone again. This time my pain is greater than ever before. these days he does not like the sky is not sunny. My eyes are dark gray.

Th Oh! This time he was doing, to remember you? How he callously stole my heart and then crushes it? As human beings who have hearts to love hybrids do not know his pain is not it? If only he had the heart to love like you so I truly understand the pain is tearing my soul now. I'm sad a lot but what I will not cry. Because I want to confirm with my heart that tears just for people who truly love you. I'm sad for him, but I hate you, I only charge my heart so small he can not keep footsteps only. He still is in my heart that I love the most, and first love - an undying love of children. In my heart now and forever after a corner is always reserved for him.

Brother! I want to be a time to face him, to hear the explanation why? I want to hear one of his questions honestly, and I want to know that his love for children 4 years is what? Why do you play with your little hearts? why no one else that is my future?
You're right, now the education of children is most important. But how can you concentrate on it, when you're confused mind, the pain rushing back every free man. Love me as I feared, my number one moment you left me. and just as I was thinking, how long time yet, he did leave me with how I played with a sorrow.
Since I knew he really leave you, and he is no longer my own again . I realized I loved him and needed him. Night about midnight, but you can not do is nap. Faced with that in the quiet darkness of my heart how nostalgia sobbed desperately to his name. Fate of irony for you too, or you have a true recipe for irony with my life?
How many days apart as much concern me, thinking. I thought I was brave enough to forget him as time ago. but .... each night to face me, I just know my heart go with the blog.
Tonight is just like any other night, alone in my cold room. Know what to do besides find in memories ... I love

Please let me be called his last as a minor.
Today woke up, suddenly heard sing someone saying:
"Oh la river!'s rivers
I have not visited it, only heard the name but our hearts by the Society ....."
America Listed hybrid rushing back. I remember he once said: "I'd be red mountains, and rivers as they are blue." (Red Mountain and the river is a symbol for Lam Nghe An and Ha Tinh). It never far apart, and the love of you and me too. "Red Mountain is without a mountain river Lam said Hong sad few."
My dear! I want you to always be standing in the Red Mountain to the shore as they are based on pleasure and pain that every time. I want you to be a candle, a candle can not always shut down, it will light forever in my heart, always warm and her spirit shines in winter. I only wish that was it .........
Oh Th! Maybe not love me for me 4 years is not enough? he understands that I love him and need him very much but ........ If only that day he's not the "codon_dsx", is now perhaps now I'm not ashamed to bear the sulky like this . If only ... Price as ... I now know much happiness.
In my future here is choking words, can not write anymore. Does my heart is crying, sob call him back?? If you now have an agreement, the first thing I would wish that this world is always filled with love, there is only one eternal love to him forever as my own children never leave. But the treaty is still analyzing only because he is now a candle - the candle dies.
The last time I wanted to say that he wished to be happy next to the girl he loves. And pray for all those who love to be happy.
Happy happy! my love! . /.
By cobenhaque

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