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I really loved, but had to leave

Maybe we should stop here alone you very much. I first met following the messages on the phone, him and me that message: You do surprise me.

Only a week after he came with a message words of love, but you see or think or he is not deep, but you then have plenty of romance and a warrior who does not like to rush it. He seemed "less salt" too. She told us that he is asking about you, just asking about you. I also heard that he is a gentle guy, very well studied, and most are very "shy girl", not a piece of love squeezed his shoulder. Listening is also really impressive, but what he represents to me it seems the exact opposite. He rushed to confess feelings, he hurried out of conquest, then I'll have disappeared without trace.

I have too many tags, and also not satisfied in his some point, but still does not understand why for me the special attention. I can not understand yourself. Encounters constantly, add the support of my best friends make me start staggering. You receive regular interest, the phone calls at midnight, as people love to receive something sweet to lull her to sleep mellow, the messages asking about diet, sleep ... It looks like he just wants to spend all by myself. Happy when I think of it. But, yes sad, why life exists, the word "but" do much to change that?! As close to him - almost accepted the role as his girlfriend - the more you realize what is not harmony between the two children. He very much you, seem all good friends, you also you are my friend, and thus also means that he must take time for many. I'm just too free to think of him then. I see her so upset.

I like friends gathered inside, with a cool beer, gossip stories interesting. He also invites you to attend some of the fun, but hate too, again "but" not very hard to find me: I could have you without you, can not you live without you. He tried several times, counting to see if he and I sat separately from each other? Very few right? What once was a time he calls you to him. Yeah, so that he can openly talk to you and me with you, so that he can also a little proud of me (so he was not afraid to introduce me to all his friends but, fibrillation). But that also means you do not confide anything personal at all. But have to admit that he and I sat at the end of a story to tell, the boy looked down, the boy looked down, who turn left, turn right person. Which is her child or something (I do not know where, sitting with you, you all win all the talk only, any topic you are both playing well), in his new friend is also often tease me or say that he Remember? Sitting next to "him" that have nothing to say he baby is really boring.

I still think the children will love their great sport any sport, what can be said, about What can also share, how to understand each other, know the concerns and difficulties of understanding and another to remove the word. But he does not seem to care much for the things you say. But I've never heard him say anything about future plans, or I love you's all for fun, but after this conversation, he is not thinking? I'm walking on clouds have not? When "what's different is not a" message every night, I was recommended "him home to bed, then you very sleepy" and he insisted that "once again to talk." In return he is now the end of "his children home to bed, wish me good night." Very funny baby him.

Over here I see you will be hard for a man of the family. He looked very young child than his age. He is not angry because of me my question. Em, are you still hoping that her husband (my very obedient, loving child who is thinking long term thing with him now) fully grown and mature, experienced firm to prop for children and families with me. Vain hope of this boy? Of course you and I have not the beginning, I still identify me that is 2.3 years, only protection he had "played sick, now his wife wants it." Up to this point are you sad anymore.

I see you also playing very busy. Working far away, on that last weekend when few will stay at home with their parents, right? I wonder, his feelings for families like? Of course you know you really immature, should be trying to improve their lot, but I hope to see her lover is the man responsible and know the worries. They require too much in his right, while I have not done anything for him. But darling, you are my daughter, a little greed to get plenty of attention when he asked, as if married, are you in a different position, turned to the obligation to care for her husband .

You, sir, "she complained a little too much right? Because I'm sad too, I thought I had met you a hundred years, but now you skeptical, cynical love him to win for you, you doubt yourself even more. Apparently he has also noticed that you're not as interesting as I thought, right? I do not have or think about you anymore, right? Very angry with her because she was hurrying into his arms when he is not understood. Nor know, can only be your girlfriend (not the object of his flirting again) can understand more about him. He has many good points, I noticed that I feel and so dynamic. When you truly happy with you, in your arms with a hug and kiss, hot, passionate, but he did not have much in harmony with me, make me think and to be sad. I could not ask him to change for you, you scared me uncomfortable when you just have to pm discretion. So, boy, we'd be temporarily offline for some time apart. To you and me, both of which review is silence their emotions. No more dreams at the age to "love themselves, to where to", is not he.

I am a girl, was afraid of hurt feelings every time. Very sad and painful darling. He is the son, and perhaps, he will be easy to start again. I crave the carefree laugh, working occasionally for a drink of tea with his friend, sometimes there is a tail which should (I know light, you gain emotional time for me, you've lost then pretty much went the tail). I will be sleeping and not flicker because of someone waiting for the other messages, not miserable for each anger, blame, although I was always active for forcing him to apologize, justify (If only I do not leave me waiting and angry like that?). Her impartiality as the old days that I have not seen for ages, I miss it too me sir. He let me go find it slightly. If he, after some time away, but found it small, and he went missing forever and still not having to replace it, try to call it offline.

Maybe they will come his party, impartial, reasonable shaking like a sister or someone will again be his mood if you also like him to be away from him. As for his more comfortable, more comfortable not having a headache thinking how to spread out some little time in the busy weekend for me, not angry because every time she met and especially angry a girl with him more, make him happier, he went to the next step then, perhaps I will be sad but I will bless you. He believes me? (The previous sentence is a bit like he used to baby me a message: "N. ah, believe you very much"). I know I would be very difficult when we were not expecting his messages, his calls, but I'll do it, I promise, for her children which is quite stubborn and strong but a little bit. Wish you and wish you all the best on the way of the future that will not even walk abreast or one person, one reclining.

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