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I've never met me

I knew I could always make me satisfied but I never once was" on top "... Sometimes I find myself made themselves easy is such that more

I have never been satisfied sex life with him! What do I do?

I myself now really stuck, do not know what to do and so do you make choices. I write this mood and my thoughts, looking forward to the editor posted on the glass so I can share and received advice from people and then have the right to decide for themselves!

article I mentioned below is a sensitive topic but I think it is an integral part of married life!

I know each other and he has been a years, I am not the first of you and you, too. He is greater than my 10 years of age, had been broken in the marriage and have two lovely daughters. Two kids are now in the North with his grandmother, while he is living and working in Saigon almost 10 years. When I came to him that at last he broke up with his love for almost a year, while his wife was 7 years broke up

Considering all aspects then for me he is 8 / 10, no smoking, no gambling, no alcohol, does not drink ... very good job with a company owned by him, generally do nothing except he is not happy about one point:

1. You live for your friends than family. I can wait for him more than one-half hours but I left ready to take advantage of me when I go home to change clothes on you because you see me waiting for half an hour already.

When friends come home to play and stay, if the lack of room, he asks them to sleep with me and I though you all are his sons (if I'm over his house that day and stay). You he is not subtle so much when I was forced to speak up: "The balance of the room you then no one slept right through this ... this crowd." But I said to me, then he refuses, he heard me say that you should leave them to themselves. And then I do not see what you blame me!

2. This is what interests me and thinking the most. That I was never satisfied sex life with him! It's really hard to say this, but recently, he urged us to be married, I do not know how to say I understand!

I once asked him in on how he "may have run out of money to go to market", he said he really does not frequent the relationship very quickly (we know each six months is to start a relationship with one another and then more weeks much as 2 times), do not know when people read this I laughed but I frankly do not demand that my story is a woman of high though I (more I would say is 25 years old).

I knew I could always meet him once but I shall not be "on top" ... People do not criticize me laughing and then, even more when I saw her make her own or better yet, to be desired!

I just do not know how to tell him about it, I love him and I can not because of this issue but divided hand, but also very disturbed ... Obviously we are not living in harmony together on blankets and pillows!

I thought or that he just married, married life will have more teeth He forced himself to party rather than sex ... I really think too hard! Hope people do not condemn my critics that look more open about it to me a sincere advice and is not useful?

Please thank

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