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I must forget him alone

had I miss you already. It is true my heart ... real and difficult to treat. At any time to spare I miss him .

I remember him back then. It is true my heart ... real and difficult to treat. Whenever I remember to spare him. No. 7 I am not going to work, I was saddened to strangers. Astonishment he sat to look away feeling so down and then invade, spread, I love him so much this? Please stop that was not, my dear, would you know ...

UK, make sure you did not know where my love of it? A little confused when we talk at each other, loving eyes and friendly smile as he is very dear to me but I know how emotional it is just normal, not his proper etiquette? Looks like someone, he did so. Only children of ignorance and incredibly naive sown into my heart where no myths, hopes not to find a way, self-torturing myself to remember him then to turn intolerable, to fighting heart ...

you know? Every time anyone in the company teased, coerce into me & you, I felt extremely awkward, trying to avoid even though his heart would just be silent. By each of his objection at that time would make me sad and miserable as long as. Moments like that, you realize how weak a pity. Sometimes you just want to rise up, get out of that silly but he immediately, the smiles, his eyes when he had comforted me so much.

A sad day Sunday, I did not want to go even though it is quite beautiful. Clear sunshine after the rain fall. Shortly before that, when he is not so important to me, when you just touch my face to him to remember a sentence uttered cheerful greeting, his passion has ngup diving with their own interests. Gather, make friends zone, walking drunk on the corner of Hanoi to kick up the photography business, find the angle nice and funny blog post on the breeze with friends. Or learn how to cook exciting dishes for up to become a true account whenever occasion. And now, a nostalgia surrounding him, invaded his cause asphyxiation. But its not enough courage to see him whether he knows where he is now, is doing. I have no confidence to be so active.

I know, he is strong and funny, always making others feel comfortable when facing. Therefore, he may have been attractive. Look carefully, he is not tall, handsome, not quite as talented, but good giang why I like him so much, love that can not control. Whether you already know about him outside where his name or the job done. Ever you are proud of the people who control a good heart. Ready to stop loving people do not love me anymore. Yet with his brother so hard to stop. Heart arrhythmia always before him. Perhaps in a always make your own opportunities ... star generals?

I and I are not married. And I know until this point he has not had a girlfriend. Yet its not enough courage to confess. Because of their fear, fear so much. How about this if he refuses? I'll have to work out why when facing each other on the day, sat next to each other but do not dare look at each other as difficult? If he has feelings for her, ahn different. He will not be silent and cold to me so? Because ultimately, between himself and what he has to stop nowhere? So I'll have to try to forget this love is going to know whether it will be difficult, but I still do. Will use his mind, using intuition and sense of self to not think about him anymore or remember, also in silence. This sentiment will be buried deep in his heart for later recall, I can only say: "I used to love the quiet." Dear heart, you're really sorry, I must forget you and you alone. To return to everyday life like never he ...


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