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I love

I set my life from scratch, not a new way, and in love according to an old way as before. When I realized that good habits are gradually away, I panic ... File an old habit is not a difficult thing.
I love the early morning sun may rise, when the first light detector on the face is finished, the space filled with gray. The atmosphere in those times, sometimes slightly cold, sometimes icy, but are feeling light and expose the lungs. A beautiful morning.

I love catching the wind these days, the worries, sorrow, thinking ... what seems to drift downwind. Comfort strange.
I love all trees, grass, flowers ... on the way home. Each day they different, more beautiful, more novel and more attractive. I like to go slowly on the way home so you can see all the beautiful things around you, to know that their happiness.
I love my corner shop or sitting alone, slowly gnawing loneliness, slowly observing the life before her eyes, and slow thinking.
I love my coast. Strange. Love on an extra thick. Perhaps the sea has kept so many memories and those of my concerns. These bonds are my feelings toward the sea: the love, the lonely times, my friends ... How to fully describe my feelings every time sat watching the sea or the times I walk on sand adhered silt tight. How do I know I love the sea so much ... I love those times
hurt. The times I cry because they fall. And I still know very little, to try more, my dear!

I love the poems I write, though not great but I agreed to spell out preferences and expressing emotions. I like reading poems and poetry of emotion before, despite the fact I'm not very good education.
There will never be told of all the things you love, because life is so much that you take care and attachment. When his love, his meaning is not superficial, not heartless and do not receive the most. I believe so.

saying what you love, to know how enjoyable life.

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