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I love you

weary mother returned from the store after a long workday progresses, drag bags on the kitchen floor. Awaiting her was her son David was 8 years old, is worried that she recounts what it was doing at home: "... as I was playing in the yard are a phone call father Tom took the pencil to write on wall paper on the new wallpaper that she was stuck in the office! I have told him that she would upset !".

The mother then raised one eyebrow lament: "Where is it now?". Then she found out all there, strode into the little boy's room, where it is hiding. She called the baby's name, which in Western countries, calling them names like this and is often expressed anger. When she walked into the room, the boy trembled with fear, he knew what was going to be very formidable. In 10 minutes, the mother cursed me, she had to save and how expensive the sheets of wallpaper star! After moaning about what to do to fix the paper, the mother was convicted of child neglect others. I yelled as mine, she increasingly frustrated, eventually her son out of the room, feeling angry to mad!

The mother ran into the office to verify their worries. But when looking at the wall, her eyes filled with tears. What she read as an arrow through her soul. The text reads: "I love you" are edged with a heart!

And now how much time has passed, sheets of wallpaper is still there, as seen at the mother, with an empty picture frame hung to encase it. It is a reminder to the mother, and with everyone: Take a moment to read the writing on the wall!

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