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I love you not because of fate

I still hear life call it grace and debt. Laughter, grace or debt? If love is called "fate" has put the fate of love in my hands, so naturally, without earthing rolled back? If love is called "debt" is the core of love is just pay rather than emotion. For von so that you do? I love you, not by fate, he found her and we love each other. Come together as his natural heart of the two non-binding. I only remove one peaceful memories for him. I still love listening to life divided into separate phases.

When drunk, the crazy, when stabilization, when fed together and then would turn into what you love meaning of love to hold hands and not leave. I was over when drunk, not when they stabilize? To find yourself on the labels and the fear of flying jump Phang pull us out of each other ... Honey! British capital was a man full of flaws but I believe I know enough self respect to live their best for you. If you see a light and change themselves for fear of not boring thing to warm love. He needed an open heart for people who love you, let me be kind, for he loved the people there. I do not need to know rather a lot of geckos attach mantle. I still listen to the rather commonplace converted into heart and tears to the people who go. Love is not a constant thing. Today, I love you, tomorrow, what would it?

Did not we love enough to marry, and when love is depleted, we again took to break each other in court? Letting go is easy! Love, which is not fiber chain shackles to bind our lives together. Pick up is put together, will be put down. Who did not cry when my love away, but, who becomes the heart and who will walk away when love is not spotless? The preserve, the efforts will not have to belong to my heart one day.
And one day ... How not to be "forever"?! Sometimes you wonder if people just come and go in life is to choose each other? He does not force you love me, I could not catch him swearing language of love. I chose to be together, simple as that! Love the share capital not to have waved his hands for more options ... because ... love when they walk, can not go back if I get out of his second choice was a mistake. I told you love me, and it was his last choice. Although later someone love you more than me, because, most important is: "I love you!"

By: tuandat

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