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I love you ... I love you ... and ... I love you!

If life, someday, to the last moments of my life, I only have enough breath to say a last sentence it will be the same: "I used to live in this world, and I love you"
5 years passed, we have to know how many changes. But do you know! there is an unspoken love I sign my heart ... Just wait, just hope, quietly going on with me that they were filled with poignancy. I do not understand why I so stupid? Why am I so shy? for many years went by and still no one saying that I love you. Why am I so stupid when we're going to be far apart, I started feeling that sorry for her!

I understand what life must bet. When you can bet you'll be back what you want, or take what they are. Love too! When I love you, I had to choose I would say that their feelings or kept quiet so it went cold over the years. I conceptualist, I am afraid that if they can speak out will be rejected. I was afraid I would not be able to withstand Add it! My love for you no words can express DC. I really love you. I always wished that one day will be going with me to walk through life! I always wished that I would be the main man of my life, who will cover for transporting children, who will bring happiness to my life! But ...

Do you know what to think, the concerns that had haunted me in sleep. I always dreamed a dream that I will stand before you, so close ... so the distance is only a breath, my tongue may have heard the melody, but my heart was singing, so I see ADDRESS the longing in her eyes looking confused're crazy ... And ... I'll say I love you!

I care about my collection with the goal of my life , that I want is a good man, a strong man, bravery and "perfect." Do you know that I set a goal for me is that anyone not? because I know! I want my shoulders to be so strong they can rely on, is one powerful enough to put me through the difficulties in life. And best of all is that I wish I would not inferior to you !!!... I do all that for you, because I love you!

Quick Time is drifting slowly on the day s! I'm still trying to get the courage to speak out to you all. If not I am afraid that later I will not chance again. I do not want to hurt her left breast again when regrets rushing back again. No!

I'll say! I must say! I love you .......

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