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I love sending them!

lonely afternoon ;
in my heart I hear sound waves pounding the shore, his brittle laugh, he was breathing softly. I remember his hands warm in hand knitting, the hold, kiss, full of love and hope to remember. I miss you ... remember the anger, remember the tears. I remember the afternoon walking the beach, unjust ... leaving both hands us thought train is not enough to cook a small pot of porridge. I found myself wandering somewhere for him to run for fear hold you back you give me far away ...

I miss you too.
Remember the scene two kids together win cleaning, washing dishes, battling each book. I'm going to rain as he ran to make stem even pick you up on my fear lest sniffingly. Remember every weekend, according to him every night I see football, they sat squeezed pinch XI side on his feet that makes everyone jealous of what I know is he afraid of being bitten by mosquitoes, so try to let you sit like that. He also enjoys shopping lead me. He asked eagerly than when I buy clothes like that for me. Looking at his face radiant happiness that filled the heart unrivaled. I remember when sick, he Fig. huc porridge for children, medicines for children, growing up all night without sleep for me fever linen towels. He seemed anxious to do when you hurt, you're tired, annoyed me. He loves me so much.

Yet, I really do not know. I'm like a child is born damaged hung pampered pets not know limits. Evil demon in the person you always yelling, angry. Bullying him, he would eat and he was very sad. I was selfish even though I know my love for you is absolute.
You've left me. Do not leave me again ... I was more

days you leave me, tears blurred by a doorway on the train. He runs the ball under the small railway station tears of pain. I tried to shake him out of my life. Try to live without him. I was wrong. When you go, I do not know where his children had left his heart and his love. I was a shadow silent and closed for the duration without him. Nostalgia tormented me every night, make me fall. I want you to forget me, otherwise I quietly followed him, im really very sorry, very sorry.

I know ... you're trying to forget.
Try to forget you as there had never in my life, forgot a stupid chicken always just want someone to have devoted himself, then again I still was not thinking about other people's feelings. Not me less intelligent or can not understand, I just try to pretend not to think only. To the child can not understand you anymore boy. Why you can gently before everyone else, but again as you explore this any horse.
My dear ... if possible ...
I just would love to be like that again, was sleeping on his back every night as he carried me on his small house. He was emotional for me to eat lunch, blanket to cover her sleeping, smoking nose for me anymore. Whenever I was mad hug, be comforted and loved. I was wrong when he shouted, was up early because of the criminal stupidity, stubbornness. Are not hustle me, can I?

Surely that ... too late .... you know ...
fade time has done it all. He deletes them from memory, erase all data so-called family life, whether you have Caps Lock key again or Restast nostalgia is also affordable late? Maybe there, he Tab to another life, I just remembered that the virus is still in the mind that thoi.Haizz

I really want you to read the center line of this I shall not have the courage to send it to me anh.Hay sorry, for I was getting errors. Whether or not you still love him, you very much!

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