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I'm in any position in his heart?

To My answer your question, Prince had laid out a game as old ideas, previous when you go to study ...
My smile awkwardly, trying to conceal a smile But do not recognize it today, "distorted" how. But America has enough patience to listen to your story it all.

You ah, I'll ask it ...! But shy.

What? Said quickly see that!

You and Zodiac is what?

- What is the What, Where nothing. I did not touch a long time. My characters speak as such names appear in Huang's life it so.

- "I do not know, but since apple birthday, suddenly ... I saw Royal or concerns, or call to talk .. then call every day ... but since yesterday I get this message ... and I think I need to ask you ... "But after

falter but the story My seemed to attract rather than drive mango red pepper choet front beam. But put the machine to it, was open in the inbox, that is the message of the Emperor.

"But do not mention the U.S. here, But just one day to push my car seat of Prince, as he Royal hate America too. Huang who want to be the body. "

" These replies to Huang, Huang love for the truth "

He laughed, because it knows that But looking at it, it put mango pieces in their mouths, chewing matures nghien.Co proved to be natural.

- Tao and Huang is a pair ... you will be okay?

- Tao is concerned nothing.

- Yeah and then I'm assured. But that does not do it right?

- It ..

* * *

It's about cycling. Empty heart. At first, but the appointment, it just thought it was a little small talk everyday chatter of Velvet. My do not think, do not believe that's true. Too fast, it might be forgotten Huang busy few weeks that all changed "dizziness so. It is really shocking, especially Huang Huang said that hate it ...

Royal with its friend since second grade. Growing up, the other two kids in school but still close. There is something more than friendship in both two little kids, but still "hardy" not be speaking out. Coerce into friends around, Prince just smiled, but it'll tell you why to explain, it suddenly found problems, then suddenly to distance Huang, uncomfortable with the attention of the Royal gesture. Huang asked why few contacts, it snapped, for busy, Huang called it hold, do not listen. Gradually, saw the message asking for Hoang little oh "recessive loss." But today's birthday and it is also a son "strangers", not Royal, the day see it "butter" always Huang, it tries to prove to the "galaxy's Desk" and Huang found that it "did not irrelevant "to each other ...

And now, when nothing whatever to each other, listen to the news of" sight "it, it found it very strange feeling, it saw it as lost something very important, seems to be very hurt but can not describe in words.

May is not that observant child should not get out of it at that attitude , but it is also ingenious hidden by smiles. If Royal Velvet choose someone outside your girlfriend, that's another story, behind this, but not everyone is a friend since kindergarten it. PAIN!

Evening sitting on their desks, these estimates make its mind blind to the troubled troubled planet. Stories and Royal Velvet, Royal Velvet and do not learn it. Holding the phone, it hesitates and then decide message.

"Huang learn how this look? These days, the world dives seats? He has met .. .. he.Hom know all I got you! : P

immediately return a message.

"It is normal. My was busy in there care about what your friends. Know what font size, something that America did not know you?

"Do not hide ... which only two siblings on "longing to go" offline "

" ok. Appointment today and somebody else does ... "

It found it" stupid "when a message for Huang, strange feeling too, not uncomfortable. But this is something that the U.S. would still like before, that the Royal ... just a normal friend, it was understood then, the normal means like this, my friend who normally is not No. 1 anymore, that was normal then you must also have ... girlfriend.

And now that my back would regret that Royal is a friend of my normal, it does not want it, he wanted it as the former Royal and whether there was "understanding err "matter ... My

Which then think again, well ... looks like it must be like Hoang. But now would no longer be relevant. When that Huang had a girlfriend.

These days, it or leave alone, as this afternoon, suddenly I saw our sad and a half to half. Can not tell anyone, whom it or tell funny stories sad to hear of it. Could it, perhaps now it does not tell But heard it ... But like boyfriend?

Is cycling slowly, thinking it was busy but not notice that someone is riding behind .

"Kettt .." English as it startled brakes.

Think what the world did not hear my call?

Royal breathing just hand wiping the sweat on his forehead spots.

It was surprised by the "appearance" of the Royal sudden.

Huh ... well, I'm thinking miscellaneous ..

I Think of you? Royal laughed. tease it.

Huang went back to school this way?

I welcome but, but to learn English ...

Well ...

It also knows what to say with a smile "distortion open again.

Looks like a long time not talk to America, right?

Yeah, like that picture, Prince now has other concerns, but then what should the United States. - It said sulky.

Well, actually I also do not understand why when people have a girlfriend, then you will not lose friends.

I know, anyway I also second only behind.

That is sad ... He was that?

feeling uncomfortable, as I no longer anything in the hearts of others ...

It comes to bike there and then go ahead, do not think it can easily say things like that. The tears suddenly fell very gently. Lost something important that America does not know.

In the past it forgot, or did not recognize the presence of Prince how important. No one remembered to remind it again for full breakfast, no one asked for it to go to bed on time, no one sings it as it is scarcely heard in bed because of the craze, no one listened to her cry Miu snakehead because you were home it disappeared, and no one to give it "mad fish cutting board cutting" anymore ...

It was all things considered it was no-thing-event received from the Royal , but now it recognizes all of the attention of the Royal comes from the heart, and now .. it was no longer any place in my heart anymore ... Royal

Royal Velvet and go to the movies ...

Royal Velvet and eating ice cream ...

Royal Velvet to buy music CDs and ...

and Royal Velvet ... together to do all these things without no.No been "abandoned" Really!

These days you can hide what I right? But ask him.

You think I have what you hide you? (In fact there really is plenty to hide J) It is the province of butter.

These days you see less talk to me.

Tao busy, but you also have free time.

.. Yeah baby!

lately during the day your mother told school groups where there is nothing!

Hihi, I learned there to the Royal!

Well ...

Hoang study well so you sir, I'm a few days to learn that math is much better already!

Well ...

Huang old ru sure yo
u study together, but you do not learn.

I'm not stupid like you Math.

Now I'm not afraid anymore Mathematics

Well ...

old "Well," I'm tired and know

I was the boring for you and the guy up because he Royal!

What this child ..

My talk is done, stick tongue scrapers But then stood up, shelf for your child is looked annoyed with it. No looking back anymore, it disappears and a blue backpack on the "iron horse" (blue stick well anymore)

* * *


It lay on the bed, did not bother to get up. Phone vibration railing since the night before, full of congratulation messages. It's also the mood anymore, it's birthday last year, with Royal Theatre to hear it, this year, it lies on the bed itself "whine" ...

He thought, what kind of error also Nhung Hoang to house it, back to see her lovers, more frustrating, it's off, turn off the house before it intend to.

Anyway, she likes to be alone , it does not like the scene it must "grin" laughs while "dead gut pieces" like this.

Mom! If someone said to me was not at home.

not respond promptly to hear you have turned it from home. It suddenly want to come to a place ...

this old bookstore, it was not long ago, right over the very long and it did not come here with Huang, the owner of this bookstore is an old man with rimmed to glass and white hair. It came, he put down the newspaper told readers it is.

He remembered her or him to buy the book once again.

Yes, sir, but now its just me ... you did have another go with it sir ...

What these kids are troubling ... ..

Yes ... He shrugged his shoulders

It was also before he came here, but also to myself and not go with other people like you say.

Why you? "She came here?

He answered looking at it, record it in the drawer to get a book and give it to him, the book is sandwiched between a letter. The line drive as he sticks close ...

"I know how he is coming here, he is indeed" hard-boiled. "We've promised to go together only bookstore that this body? I do not know what he thought about me, and I'm in any position in his heart at all, a close friend normally, or something more ..? I do not have much time to head for the "stupid" on his own I realized how important first. (I'm about to go to England, so he challenged his scholarship, I earned it!) And I have to remember the last time ... So you have to find my place in his heart now? "

its own tears falling from time to time, the old man smiled and looked at it. letter fold back, my hand brushed the tears, it's a smile, do not forget to say thank you a question. It climbed into the car, sped off. "Hurry up, you have 15 minutes after receiving this letter, I will not accept the smell of whom face" stamp lem "Where there ... tears! "

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