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I have always made me remember whether he had pain

He loved! So I cracked him apart, far apart quickly, and for me it more gently, gently as to not wear a coat more like a cast off somewhere and watch as it does not exist in this world .

By this time I thought it always did not know how he is sincere or deceptive, he comes to me for what purpose or from the heart. I just do not understand the analysis, but because he is too great in this matter. He often said he also has to do before the next failure, also must leave their own way and perhaps the love story of us also needs to close his own measure he did not like this. Boy at the initiative he comes to me, I never thought I could love and fall in this situation but she broke down before him. He came into my life right at me the hardest, most painful, most lonely, most vulnerable. He shared with, enthusiasm, a caring and above all passion and sincerity (perhaps because they delusions) words had wings I fainted and I was no longer the child . Time's short but exist for me it is forever.

Even if you have lots of family problems but she is not ashamed to myself. I was honest with him with my heart. Brother! Why so heartless hustle him "I'm sorry, I'm not sad" ending that is a sentiment that he has said "he was to die to forget you, you are my blood, as his flesh." I think I'll leave my heart to the lonely, unhappy over. He does not have an iron will to the message because he feared they would continue to affect his peaceful life because he now has to find his happiness. I still know that my love will not get anywhere but I do not think he treats me like this and it does not matter but love you and I have so many memories everywhere. He has changed completely, but also the reasons that sentiment when he said otherwise but now he relies on it to break me 'cause I know for sure one thing I was not the effrontery to not understand what he says he is not. Maybe not as adept in his situation, so I do not understand what is fake what is real I cracked, I just live by love, by not seeking my own heart, not calculated.

He has said he will not let me suffer anymore, but now he made me suffer more than thousand times to die I always agonized. I know the feelings of the October 6 date exist then he does not deserve to trade everything I have because it is not you, I never asked him what he had said only that his own household. I love you only wish was that he would bring happiness to each other and I think I'll do it, will make his life happy light. I'm sad, I'm sore but I will not sentimental I'll try to stand up, you will live better than this after a stumble. You always hope you have a happy life and always lived true clown. Do not make someone like me any more sore tinge. I will always remember the man he has to go through my life and thank him for giving me a happy time with you, thank you ever have time to live for you. Thank you Ph Girl. I will forever remember him in this life when he felt tired, then you need to share is one I can trust you very much.



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