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I hate

I hate you when you look at someone other than me, as he joked with them instead of to the side, as always make me happy days. I hate you when you smile at someone smile from his love interest. I jealous.

I hate when I have to envy someone because things unnecessarily, the story just as you said very little only. I hate to feel useless in curbing your emotions, you hate me now do that or cry too. Fatigue.
I hate ... So many things I hate, hate him as he very interested in words, I hate to sleep and not subject to call up nostalgic, hate when he does not take care of their own health.

But I also hate them very much! I hate how well can not decide anything, so the hard drive at home is protected, that he met incredibly well behaved. Most hated every angry cry a lot, but only heard him say, was he soon embraced the heart back tie. I hate you love me too.

I hate ... both he.
I keep thinking that someday, you get together I will make him very happy every day. Morning I would wake up together, my first job is to write you a message meaning. At noon, I want to wait for him to eat, or when you were busy cooking will bring you where he worked, ate and watched me tell you a funny story that ... Evening, I want to walk with him to combine exercise (although I know that he does not like to walk at all), I will walk holding hands lightly. When the night on, I want to lay beside him to hear him talk about plans for the future, about the children that we will have, about plans for the work he is doing.

I'll cook him something he likes so much (though I eat more then they fear disease), they will rub shoulders for his work as he has done and I'll be the only one ( I always wanted something like that) with you though anything.
You will regret it. Regret very much if I'm to lose you. So let me hold you tight Do not let go when you angry, to hold you so strong I know you love me so much of it; you so much attention to my people and proud to say I love you every day to know that she was only in his life.

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