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I do not love me

If you do not love me then do it? Maybe he does not answer it. Because what he brought in my life I can only reply that I do not love me then ay.Neu many other children: I will not cry because the love is nothing. I will not cry when he makes you sad or angry when his children. You do not become wet in the eyes meeting anh.Khong sure you will love me very strongly, I'll smile and say to those who suffer for love is so hard to be like other people do not love nguoinay love but now I know that is not easy to love a person and a far more difficult. Half the world's second born for each other, but not everyone can tell each other that only people with the same heartbeat as the parties do not nhau.Neu you will become an adult. Inside you kids to be spoiled and he called the English à cute baby, baby Oh ... For when she is the happiest I hugged him and hugged him like a child, I carried him in my arms the tre.Khong have him as a little present in my life, the time I'm sad or happy, I would not think of him and hope to have him here for the meantime. I innocently thought and less than reasonable? But to me no joy any more than when he poked me laugh and I promise you maiben. People say the wind but I promise that people believe him because of his promise to love you right? Date not know him, they fear the streets of Hanoi as noise, traffic and smog, but I'd love to love you chantoi he put together all the streets of Hanoi, Hanoi then I see a beautiful and peaceful no noisy nua.Truoc without you, I think you're a modern woman does not adjust the cooking cycle bake it when you love me then I like to cook. I imagine what I'll cook him good or not good but I still commend you. Then I was happy woman I dream about a house in which his happiness and all ca.Neu not love me, do not know how you like it? You will not learn what he likes. He said he did not like my makeup, hair, nails painted nails, ... and you'll wind the hair, bright makeup, nails painted toenails really outstanding, self do.Anh wearing what? If you do not love you sure you would never know the feeling of waiting for someone. I will not lay hold of the phone message waiting for him. Every time you shake the phone but think he is not angry brothers and buon.Moi when I am sad I want to confide in him but he just is not right because you were busy too. He nua.Chac work here I will say without love my life would be nice if one day hon.Nhung darling I do not live as at you, sorrow, loneliness and life is insipid. The greatest gift he gives you the love, the sincerity of interest concerns, Suse division, all, all of which make your love, husband sir! Brother! I believe he is just enough right? Do not even mad at me offline at least you make me sad, loving husband nhé!

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