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I do not hate you very much!

Darling sure he never read the first line of this writing it?

He is too busy with work and their homes, where the time I care about anymore. Maybe he is now angry with me when I say a lot away from me but it is the result of our inevitable, could not have ended better, but he also understood. Six months of love, happiness and sorrow with me because he helped me mature a lot, thank you! When he comes to me I know you have panic, fear, how the crisis is not? I could not overcome the principle of life and accept love a married man, it can not really love or just because when I was too lonely.

He just told me a lot, has always interested me and let me know how to love truly. Although he was married, but I understand he is not happy, do not understand why do you understand me so, I always think to forget myself and I also know I have important place in my heart.
I was very happy to love you but I always thought of themselves as happily destroy his family, I always remind him to pay attention to his wife not to upset her, the tension tear of reason many times that I say goodbye but definitely not enough, I could not stop the heart when you see him suffer. So again and again I can not away from him but still can not know with me forever.

But then his son was born makes me busy, not much time together as before has helped us become familiar with the feel apart and I understand he did not need you like ago, I also understand not because I love you because you all have to shoulder too much responsibility, he also was very painful because it can not be here for you, cares for you and make you more disadvantaged.

I do not blame you because you always understand me and love me more, by love and understand him so this time I was away from his determination that I can wholeheartedly care for the small family her. I do not know if later on you can love and understand someone as you love me but you do not accept from him to me to be happy, I'll love you just stand far away and try to live a happy, fun to he found no fault with them. He always said if you are away from me then I'll hate you will never see you anymore and I hate life. How about me not, I do not regret loving you and now I know apart is the right decision, good for both of you, I would love to remain as a separate secret in her heart.

Will I soon forget you come back to life and happiness in the family. Only later would be charming if he do not look to see you as a stranger. Do not be sad you very much, his smile would make life more beautiful, if you love me, let me go and wished me a good husband you very much. Because you love me I'll be happy, so then he did. I also have on, up you very much.

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