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I began to know ... lie

childhood, I was taught that to live honestly, not lying to myself and everyone because that is the way light single lifetime.
When this happens, do not understand what is really true, what is a lie, but just know that my actions to please adults, was praised as docile then that is truthful action.
But one day, I know''the truth''in her praise. I started to tell lies - lies the most sincere of his life.
I have friends around in a small boat floating on, the old, ink fishing, sea fishing, a few months back to the mainland a few days. Once, he went to sea and weather sudden changes caused violent seas. His house just a sick old mother. Too worried about his son, causing her recurrent heart was hospitalized in a coma. Meanwhile, fierce winds howling. Doctors must diagnose and decide on surgery now, but they can not proceed while the mother fell into a coma, completely exhausted mentally.

In the short alert she whispered embroidery may ask the storm has melted, about her son was not. Then someone said that the village had found the piece ... rupture of the vessel washed ashore her home. She asked the doctors, no one answered her. I stood there and it's foolish to tell you honestly she also heard that the terrible storm, which lasted only a few days away, the ship had broken, shove a few pieces of the wave to shore, her son (friend my) fate is not known how to drive?
The doctors say I'm not in drag. I've just told the story defeat the weak strength of her last. She stepped lightly and fell asleep. Doctors or nothing. I accidentally committed a terrible crime that my life is not known for their forgiveness. After the storm, my friend survived to return home by another ship was saved. He did not blame me, but just down the grave of her mother sobbed. The "true" stupid me accidentally committed a horrible mistake like that.

The famous short story "last leaf" by O. Henry, a patient convinced he would die. She counted the leaves falling of trees outside the window and it is believed that the "clock" of her fate. When the last leaf falls, she will die. But the last one never dropped. The girl recovered, healthy living and do not know that, the last one which leaves only a "fake" because an artist wants to save her bare painted canopy.
So the truth is not be seen with the naked eye, it is felt by the knowledge ... If I am not talking about the storm I saw, broken pieces of plywood board I heard, then perhaps ailing mother did not die. Without leaves "fake" the other girls will die because of disease and despair. The truth of human life must mean more love. Only what help people, make people strong, the direction of the light man ... called it a new truth.
But all these actions, words do matter in accordance with his own eyes see, ears to hear, understand that their knowledge but they are causing to other people , for yourself or fall into despair, less faith life, loss of mental strength to destroy the life ... they are not honest. If it is true, so true of the devil loves cruel people do not know.

In our life, between true love and the truth of the Devil is always disturbance, vague. A lie in "love" can save lives and a real flat word can kill. Of course we would choose to speak the truth lies. However, to clearly distinguish the distance between these words is a difficult and depends on individual circumstances. Do you know how to lie lie lie he is sincere, filled with the love people?

Simple. Please keep an earnest heart and the kind of life.


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