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I always wait before hanging up

That day, when girls and boys are in love dearly. Every time the phone call, they seemed to talk endlessly.
end the call, she always hangs up before, after trying to linger, do not want to say goodbye, he again felt the warmth from longer king's voice back in the air, and a vague sadness, what king, save the attachment.
After that, the two broke up. Fast girls have a new lover, a handsome, flashy. The girl was very gratified, and very favorable attention. But then later, she gradually felt between two people seem to lack something missing, the insecurity which led to her seeing as there is an ambiguous loss.

What is that? She did not know. Only when two people end a call, the girl felt when I had barely finished speaking half of the sentence "See you", then the other end has golden voice "how to" hang up the phone.

Every time like that, she always found a deafening sound as it freezes in the air, then cross into the eardrum. She felt like her new boyfriend like a broken kite string, his feeble hands could not hold the rope that hopeless.

And also one day, two people arguing. Depressed guy, who turned away. Girls do not cry, but feel like salvation.

One day, she suddenly remembered her first love, suddenly I felt sadly: He "stupid," she said, waiting to hear complete sentences, "Goodbye." Feelings that made her pick up the phone. Guy's voice is sincere, calm as ever. The girl never uttered the words, feverishly say "Goodbye"

This time she did not hang up, a difficult emotion that made her name known to listen to silence the silence of the investor at the other.

I do not know how long after that, the other end came the voice of the boy, "Why do not you hang up?" Language of girls like towels again, "Why I want to hang up first?". "Forget it." The boy said calmly, "I want you to hang up first, so he was assured."

"But after hanging up, often feel regret, just as something to lose." Girl voice trembling slightly. "So he would rather accept that loss, just glad they are enough." Girls do not hold myself, crying, hot tears soaked all the memories that childhood love. Finally, she also understood that, people are not patient enough to hear her say the last sentence, but not the life she had expected.

turns out, love is sometimes very simple, just wait a bit, would have said it all.

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