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I "alt +3" U

" know why U.S. troops are still using Yahoo 360 even like Facebook better? Because in the 360, My Quick comment on the possible type of the Army: My "alt +3" Army. "Curious, restaurants try to laugh ... But you, like "I" alt + 3 "... with someone?
U.S. Army and was officially" in a relationship "for a month. A month went by so fast, because the other two kids in school, met only modest additional classroom and on weekends only. A month, the hand held out, few hugs, a dozen messages and multiple pages of my diary. My still lonely sometimes, because sometimes sad that such forces could be here already. But U.S. troops can not be responsible, by Army also feel like that. The afternoon like this afternoon, the U.S. often hiking, walking silently and watch the rain. Rubbing his eyes to wipe away the tears suddenly miss, then smiled and went back My next ...

days ... months ...

Army messaging, security is on Military test this good, winning football matches and the Army was very happy. Ps even as "My dear happy to go!" Anymore. I really understand the military, said today its raining or sad that ...

Military cycling on the road. Sun does not shine, as troops came to think of "sunshine" of the Army. My innocence has shaken the external thread both mature in thinking, which forces many headaches as well as he swings. Anyway, the U.S. Army has always wanted to laugh. These days the sun or rain, cold again, the Army could not go with my lot, said U.S. troops should be so unhappy there. Came home, took out the mobile open Inbox, Military laugh. "Being sad is that sms's Army, the world is always sad end ^ ^"

days ... months ...

Today read a few pages ago, found that funny. And his troops are together with Yahoo Messenger, and pounded each other with Yahoo360 expressed love through Facebook:) Also strange that two little chit chat with each other really, and I can talk to the troops do not know ... bored

America's Army read the new entry. Entry is only a single image, a pair of go hand in hand in the rain. Aiza, My back started so unhappy and know, Army sighed. Right now, the Army wanted to run away in heavy rains to the U.S. and hugged my tightly. But the military said U.S. troops also do not like that. "Sometimes love cần distance. About how to remember each other and to love each other more. "Yeah, as long as U.S. forces have always remembered that. Force a smile, just click Post a comment type, and click My phone call.

Days ... months ...

The class got a bad page, it sits a sad , consoling himself going off and it just laughed. It told me the agency is very fortunate, those sad when there are people to share. Oh, really, really ...

"This army, today said Page, My My to realize is very happy to have troops in the nowaday!;)"

"If that what's more, bleu! The military did not want to be unhappy. Always happy to start my new happy then, right? Now, do not be too unhappy to go all day ^ ^ "

" factory, forcing the world to hear! Who may not fit as happy as sad, to think together as long as it is to be happy only that "

" Yes, fun, fun, fun over the body. Normal forces only smile at the thought of My only there (oh ... something quite interesting!) Now this here Army Dag laugh: D Haha, keep smiling .. "

days ... months ...

Just ask about trade with distant loved Army near. Naturally rotate to chatter, then Army key sentence: "Far somewhere near critical, far from the mind, near the heart. Sleep, smile more. "Remind his troops throughout the day," Sleep, laughed. "Short, but enough to show all love it, right?

My kids . My older. Like both U.S. military. Because it makes no Military found boring. Army does not like girls flashing eyes all day pretending innocent chatter quickly, as hate people who only know heaven sad sad lament for trendy earth. Like the military "real life" of America, like the junk messages in the story of my day, like my voice kind of cute goodnight Good Night ... Mares. " Then the Army is also interested in the entry line is really about life, about my feelings, especially love to hear in my mind the rainy days ... But the only thing that ever say that U.S. troops do not fix it, or reflection is what the and daydream ... or sad for no reason. Looks like the girls must be right? Well, then boys have a way ...

changing suddenly cold, fewer messages, no phone calls. All day does not dare ask her to midnight last message:

"Do fan, what's wrong?"

"Yes okay:)"

"American you?"

"Haha, watched á. American military that is à. Nothing to see with my own mind alone (whistling aimlessly) "

" Eh, the idiots! "

" My new except for. All day sad and warrior, they sometimes pretend to be a cold play, for my fear, hehe. With both to support more boring, the most feared military sentiment was not ... "

" ... "

" Go to sleep then, stealing a kiss before running "

11pm. Lying on the bed, turn off the lights and the iPod headphone jack, My turn, "Kiss The Rain" by Yiruma. Instrumental music, especially piano, My bed will cause faster and deeper. Clear notes rang out, the U.S. suddenly everything is peaceful and quiet so much ... ...

lately or 360 meters. Fewer troops on the blog, did not write blog entries, to mold itself, on which sat idle for My only spam. But today on, the U.S. Army that comment, a comment only, are not accompanied with Flirt Smile as usual:

"My troops know why Yahoo is using Facebook more like 360 ​​though not?

Because in the 360, My Quick comment on the possible type of Army: My "alt +3" Army. "

P / s: No. 3 on the Number Keyboard right nhé "

Curious, Army test press" Alt "and at the same time in cell No. 3 Quick comment. Results appear as Army laughed. Leaning on a chair and watch the rain outside the window, the Army sometimes seen as mellow scent of my hair flat somewhere. Forget-you-not.

You may want to try pressing the "I" alt + 3 "... with someone?

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