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I 25

every human life as a river is never just flat ...
Living in life everyone has to go through the ups and downs, happy, sad, happy, boundless and extreme pain. I'm 25, fun, happiness is not received before. I am 25 years old: pain, yet also more unhappy experience complete. 25 years old - that is how I have felt the emotional part of human life ...
When I was 5 years old. One time, I enjoy the jump from the bed to the ground and then climb up and jump down. I fell. My son is 5 years old kid crying lu speaker up, towards the father. Charter eyes glaze and my pitiful cries apparatus may not vibrate. My father frowned and said softly: "I do my own self, then I stood up to go." Dad was very strict.

I was the youngest but not the way than his sister. With my father, the eldest, son or youngest child is still a child. So when the father heard to say, I know I can cry, crying does not help my father get up. I brushed the tears, stood up with eyes look more intense father and sat out the door. At that time, I'm very unhappy. I think the father did not love me. At that time, I thought I would never call the next time you fall announced. I will not love you more than love you anymore. I will ... and I will ...
When I was 10. Due to school class president and also quite the class teacher in charge should be loved. Preparatory classes 5, she wanted me to move to a better grade and my request to the class A - class is for students with good and excellent school. Refused to serve because I do not want phiu far you have learned together, played together for over 4 years. However, her homeroom teacher decided. I can not do otherwise because she registered my name in the list of selected entries in the class. I take the exam but our warm memories.

Sitting in the exam room, I sit a free man at the thought: "If I pass, I will have to the new class. In all these new classes will be familiar faces, nobody would play with me. At that time, I will miss you very old class. If I slip, I will be staying with your familiar study. I will still be class president, but the stone hit you or call ... Then, I kid, I decided to test it by: math wrong answer, written text will then very poorly with a bad purpose. Leave the examination room, I leisurely home very comfortable inside. A weeks later, her homeroom teacher informed the class:

- Grade school classes have been passed to select. The whole class clapped congratulate any class president!
I had to was then transferred to another class. So from tomorrow I will not get knocked into the old rulers Vinh stubborn tease me. So I will not hand on the generic you not listen to me when loading into another class. So, I will ... that the applause still ringing in my ears away.
straw straw My eyes tear to any eye out for your hard flocked towards me. She advised him to call me up: "Starting tomorrow I will move to the class 5A school nhé! To a new class you have to study hard and strive to be good students nhé! What do not understand or need to run to her class she will tell you. "I mumble mouth:" Yes. "
The next morning, I went to school. Blank in class, I stood before new class, do not dare to enter - you see a stranger. I went to the old class, the bear ran Vinh stopped me: "Where to go there? She now no longer called a head start in this class. "The more you look at me sitting in class not react. I stood still in the hallway do not know where to go.

Years old I also welcome. New Year does not know is that I welcome. And I cried. I cry rung up feeling terribly unhappy. The people that I fear you'll miss too much class switch was now regarded me as stranger. I hate her. I hate the old Vinh bear ...

She saw me come down to cry in the hallway. She consoled him: "Come on! Adults then why are you crying, right? To that class will be good for them later. Grade class just how much room you have it. She took him to the offline! "She introduced me as a new member of the class 5A. Another familiar applause, but he looked back all I see strange faces. Ra playing, I stood alone in the hallway . I looked at the air. There is a bird in flight between the vast sky.

When 20 years old. I am a student. I love a person. I'm happy with love . He always made me happy, always make me laugh even when I cry. Then, I graduated and went to work. The first day, I am very stressed and tired due to be familiar with the work. Just go to the I slept rolled up before eating and washing. From the way he came to my house about 18km. I'm normal and I met so far at least as far back less common.

There are few times he came to pick me to go see the film, I slept in the theater. You take me out, I just want to cry at home tired. Moreover, my company and all of you young, unmarried siblings, not his wife sometimes gathered at my house playing. I have seen several times visiting friends crowded house, seemed unhappy. One day, he said: "Since returning to work, other children too." One day, he said: "I do not care for him anymore." frustrating because I said so he is not. I do not like you think. I have nothing else. I still love him that much.
I go to work, then of course there is not much free time to call to ask him every day as before. I just do not know whether it should go very tense and tired, I do not understand me even angry. brothers and sisters in the same quarter the company so sometimes I play it right through the day he arrived, he was scolded much you forget him. In short, I take every reason to blame me that he is not.

One rainy day, he said: "We did not like each other. Parting with you? ". I was stunned, feeling like a dream. I do not believe it should again ask:

- You said what?

- I broke me!
I was silent for a long time. My mind is spinning. He loved me that much muscle. I love you very much. What's This? No! It can not be. Me and I can not break. ... But why can not I have never uttered such thoughts. I looked up straight into his eyes said:
- I did not change. I do not like I think. If I want to say goodbye, I respect his decision.
With that, I turn away. acrid salty tears rolling down my cheeks. clench my lips did not turn out to cry. But it seems impossible to step up and I cried every hour. I felt like my heart shattered into a hundred pieces. I spent away, do not know where to go. increasingly heavy rain. I saw the motorcycle sped off hours, and smaller small, then gradually disappear. I thought that he would chase me. He would hug me and soothe the heart as always. He'll tell me, "I was just joking that". But no. UK Then come true.
pouring rain. I'm so down. Despair. I hurts - your heart. The wandering path, I walk alone, just me alone ...
Now, I'm 25. I fall - I will stand up, stand up and step father teaches everyday words. I am 25 years old no longer afraid, afraid of strangers anymore. Because I know them well only human. I'm 25 years old, no longer see what is also sad to cry boo. My tears seem to flow in, whisper quiet of maturity.

Since division his hands now, I still love. The person I love, leave me then. But people love me, I have no sympathy. They say: "The love - love to run, hide love - love as" a probably true. It is true that game away!
After three years, he has a new lover, but as he is with him. Also, I saw our peace and happiness to the present. I kept on work, she taught at the school, or watching television or going to flood your coffee, or reading books or surfing the Web, chatting with some friends on the network. To me, that was fun. My parents are starting to remind my husband about it because you see me flooding in turn to marry. The siblings from the same company all day, then joked: "You look the other but dull!"
At home. There is a morning I woke up, found My sister and I (grade 1) are brushing. I heard my mother it was whispered to me to try to hear:

- Do you think your house is dull without her T?

- I have. I also think that.
- Xinh so dull that you ask!
I'm going to pretend Us:
- What's This? Mother the door to discuss something?
See my general, "she laughs ha ha it together. I smiled the first step in thinking about the room: it has a Chi Pheo Thi let alone me! What will come to that! Who can say, that I also teased that's all. I hear this sentence where it must be: "You do not need to change yourself to find love. You will have true love no matter who you are no matter what. "

The first person who knows the future is nowhere! Does anyone know tomorrow I'll be happy or sad ! So smile, optimism will see themselves living a peaceful life like someone's poem:
If anyone has time alone before the sea

will see a small man
Look how she waves scream loudly
new data to understand why he is desperate
If anyone has time to real life

Take seeds dew on a flower
Enjoy your smile has made her partner, a father
will understand why we need to live
If anyone has time
found in the heart space
Please understand that the universe there are other black holes
Who then would have to get used
For long moments their emptiness
If anyone has Listen to our once bitter

Play laments after a breakup because
Rejoice in life
After a breakup is very new beginning
If anyone has time to feel his

It is not understood many things are around
Just because life is smiling on the green only
life interesting While still exploring
If anyone has time

hard Living in the midst of bustling life goes fast
would love to see copy of the minutes of peace
dawn outside the window listening to birds singing
If anyone has time to molt

Before a sweet smile, an eye, a bracelet
Please no need to look Because it around here
happiness is so simple that!


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