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Husband manage money?

new Muslim married, the family economy tight. How much salary he paid off for me. Now, do business outside of favorable earnings multiple, he gave money to his wife dropped, he wanted to purchase what they buy, but not even half the words to discuss with me ...

I am a government official, has seen more than 30 years old, have two children. My husband is also public servants, but please leave out own company. Doing well, so he quickly "life changing", which purchased the car, playing the stock ... I'm happy for him, but also sad because the way he gives it to me.

Islamic state he was doing, how much income he would share with his wife and put out food for me. Now, at work fairly, do you own furniture repair shop, purchasing vehicles, without a calculator with me half the words. I put my monthly drop, while I cost too much money money from food, water and electricity, the cost for two children to school ... My husband does not know what to do, what you spend, I do not ask, he said. Buy what you decide, I like a maid, did not have any say in the family.

When currencies lose value, very difficult for me in any such calculation of little money. I do not have any money to shop for mother and child as much sewing pants, shirt or buy a gift bag while visiting his parents. My motorcycle was purchased about ten years old skills, reading yoke so I did not mind, but her husband, while he always sat on glossy automotive, fashion phone constantly ...

I had a talk with her husband about money matters, furniture shopping, but he did not avoid talking.

vicious thinking about money all day, so I got angry you, how hard, pressing often heaped on their children. I want to manage her husband, wanted to know the money he earns how much? spending on what? I fear him more money, glossy car seat will have more girls in, then she and I do not know where to go alone somewhere?

I imagine everything is wait for the disaster Arab ... I found myself suddenly become bad, selfish. Where is lost and the time my wife and I love each and every public expense? How I try not to be seen, so I'm very sad. My husband is away all day, unaware that he is not seeing any bags? I was afraid my husband flashier, more money, then she and I easily lose him. So I'm always looking for every way to my husband to bring money home. But my husband often elusive when I mentioned money.

How to manage her husband's money? How do I know her husband spend on something? I'm beginning to compensate for those thinking about money ...

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