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Hurt him with words

angry at you blurted out the words hard to hear. Consequently, the other half a can of no return. How to salvage the situation?
When in love, your ears just get used to hear sweet words from the other half. But in times of controversy, anger rises in person, one can hardly master of his words. You can say words offended lover. As a result, you regret the hurt or break love has nurtured.

Here are the words "sharp as a knife blade, can sever your relationship with the other. Keep in mind to stay away from.

"You women are too!"

Impact: When the loved viewed as "woman", man was hurt terribly touching. They can flare up with violent acts such as stone chairs, beating the table ... to prove what you say is not true.

With these limits, you know his feelings, they can silence but in our emerging tsunami. They will quietly go away shirt if you're not clever improvising.

Your Indicates: Women who love to criticize are more separated, said after many ... anger, you calm your mind back and found a love "women" as stated.

In this situation, you should make peace initiative: "I should say so angry, I do not leave the stomach. This life is just a honey of his own children only. " Finding them in the water, iron gentleman very well despite the "soft" out again.

"I do not take my time"

Impact: He will be away from you immediately. Men do not like to be his successor.

Indicates you: Maybe you're tired of faults caused the other half. You want to be alone to think about everything.

Some time later, you think deeply and is willing to forgive. When you meet, you explain why I say these words. When you know how to find redemption, you may realize you still love him.

In case you can not tolerate, so gentle farewell. If he tried to hook, you tell the truth of his thoughts and he will find people with more to offer.

"Without me, he used to be someone else "

Impact: Be careful when you are wrong to utter these words. He will know other women to prove: "I need her or she needs me."

Your Indicates: You raise the value of his own to know you and keep lover. To relieve his words just uttered, you should fire with: "You should be proud to love someone like you because of the clear advantages of this white, this smart ... I like the new match."

"old cleaner at him"

Impact: Most women feel uncomfortable when people ask are sloppy, herd indiscriminately, in the dirt ... Despite many reminders, though the evidence is that disability makes them angry and say these words.

The gentleman who likes to be loved so very spoiled pride when compared with ... Cu. The real cause distrust. They will not even talk to you after hearing the words above.

Indicates you: You want to know the other half ashamed and correct bad habits. Also, you still recognize the advantage of him. You just accept healing when lovers were determined correct bad habits.

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