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How to write love letters "basic"

in love, not that you'll ever work up the courage to tell her to person that you love them how. Since those days, it was known to borrow a pen to write love letters to immortality. So how to write a letter tih according to your heart ?

Write from the heart : Let's say what you really think and vibration. Do not let your mind interfere with what you are writing.

short : Message as briefly as possible. A writer is someone who knows or savings terms. You remember the advice of the famous American writer Mark Twain: "When in doubt of anything, just dismissed it."

Write honestly , is not restrictive: Please write with true emotion and your natural. When writing this, you begin to feel your vibration to the reader and each of your sentences will have a vitality.

Write a unique way : Do not drop yourself in the empty phrases, easy. Please write with your language for only the relationship of you.

honesty: Honesty is the foundation of a loving relationship. Be honest when you express your love on paper. This means you must learn to recognize that the deepest feelings of you and express them freely.

If the words of love is worth a longer sentences in love many times more valuable. Since then, the writing and reading messages can be read many times.

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