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How to reconcile between mother and wife?

On top of making strawberry, Mai has been her husband "challenged" by the two pots full of clothes. Injured his young wife did not want to offend her, hiding his bar brings up a pot of clothing room, closed the door and help your wife soap, then rinse several times Mai only the water is already clean clothes .
Mai scored in the eyes of her husband's family to finance clean laundry just fast medium. From this, Thanh "crooked face" because of his wife rested. Thanh grimaced: "The next day, their busy work at the agency to book at midnight, no laundry to help his wife anymore. Yet she was also angry, told me a change of heart, then do not use on the outside. Her mother found out, also angry and banned his wife was not included. "

Anh Bang (PR, Hanoi) have initiatives to close her husband wife hon.Tu hands I buy food, to bring cheer to a room and brought her into the kitchen show "A daughter's gift." While she was still bewildered young wife had barely understand what he has smiling glance.

However, by also having "accidents" because one day he bought the wrong cake " not the mother's womb. " Finished eating, stomach pain and her mother loudly scolding daughter doang. Her daughter also refused to disclose confidential fast when the owner of such food items ...

British Army (salesperson, Da Nang) said: "In essence, the relationship between mother-bride was between two strange women. So, about the disagreement, not satisfied is also easy to see each other. " Quan also said that if the daughter knew and sympathized with her husband, a close emotional bond will soon be improved. Because in fact, very rarely does her mother callously treated worse with a bride to live and know the extent ...

However, Khanh - Military wives women heading back hospitality win. Bitter military said: "Every time I watch his criticism a bit salty, she turned to ask his comment. Indeed, I do not know which side to stand on. Said salty, angry wife, said her mother sad light so they laugh hi hi, plugged in to dinner. But this, their day must also be seen. "

Share with wife

Until now, when considering the relationship between mother - daughter in law, many people forget to mention the pain of her husband. In fact, the husband will never be happy if we had swept the opinions of parents or wife.

So, the best, she should learn to behave in harmony with her husband. Although in any case, should not have sided with her husband forced her to oppose her. If not, this will greatly affect emotional couple.

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