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How to become more attractive

Ever "passionate" one that made your heart arrhythmias and whatever you think is to kiss him right then and there?
A simple kiss can be fun as you make him know he means to you how. And marriage is also a full "power" to enjoy the moments close. So, please go through great feeling with the passionate kiss, you will become more attractive for him !!!

1. Kiss of the "discovery":

When you start your relationship, as much less! It makes those last moments would be really exciting!

Let's start with 2 or 3 light kiss on the lips last guy, then gently swallow the guy's lower lip. Continue that and do the same for the upper lip. Then go back to kissing and caressing light left before it became the mouth kiss. And then let's finish with a smile so sweet!

Note: If you guys bite the tongue or lips, you may do him pain and made him want to stop right now News. So, be careful and not to do so!

2. Kiss "moments endless":

When you've officially become a couple, tell him you'd like to have a passionate kiss. Let him kiss that happened so slowly, so you'll be able to focus all the higher senses and his inspiration in every sense of the lips. That was really sweet!

Note: Please stroked his cheeks, rubbing your face into his face. Moving slowly, slowly ... his first kiss on the cheek, then visit your lips close to each guy. Let's start a French kiss so gentle. Do not rush, let the two have experienced the feeling of a thought.

Close your eyes and occasionally opened, then closed again slowly re mi ... Then, let him be the master, he would start by caressing your cheek. Focus on that moment, you're sure to be immersed in the intimacy between two people!
3. Kisses bubble delicious "

If he is a comedy, and you want to make him laugh, this kiss is indeed perfect. Heard them seem weird, but it resulted in very interesting!

Note: Before you start kissing, let him know you have a sweet surprise for him, then a little chewing gum fruit. When you start kissing, you piece of candy hidden inside the cheek.

Yi When he started, you left out a bit, pushing the piece of gum on the tongue, lips and then chair Your guy on the lips, open them, and as soon as it prepares to become a kiss "buttons tongue" French style, quickly blowing a small bubble in your mouth man! Pop! To break it out on your tongue and wait to see him he laughed so excited!

4. Kiss "soul freedom"

This is more than just a style of humor just very passionate, and really will be interesting if you are ready to feel real comfortable with my boys. Please use a few kisses him lightly on the lips, then extend your lips and gently put him on intense French kiss-but let your tongue swirling around the young blades. Then pull back and he wrapped his tongue with your lips. Button gently tongue and tried to avoid both your lips touch each other. And then back over the tongue very intense vortex.

Note: Do not open your mouth too wide and too much tongue, if not, maybe your saliva appears full face he! : D

5. Kiss "breathtaking"

This type of marriage for couples that truly profound! It requires both of you will have to be proactive, so please let him know how to kiss before you start, and insists that he will be very happy to experience something new like that!

Agreement to "breathe out" and "breathe" in every time, let him "breathe" before. Start kissing. When he breathed in, you breathe gently into the mouth guy. Then, change to another location and let him "the church" as you "breathe." You will feel are together given and received from my heart-it really makes you feel the two are now one.

Note: Before marriage, the two you should use a bit of mint before!

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