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How he, the 'promotion' so that

Every guy has a personality. So, to conquer him, you also have a girl have in accordance with that character. His father often said "people who know me know hundred battle hundred wins" is so.

traditional form boys

With these guys you should express themselves as girls have four virtues "of using language well." Being a modern woman, but with you, to care little for the home and family should be placed on top. These folks are very respected family. Therefore, they will not satisfy a girl doang spry. He is also no way to accept a woman seriously than the family business.

Model liberal guy, loves freedom

You are quite clear in thought. You do not require that a man must be like this, so that. You hate stereotyping and binding. You will have a high chance to "beat" these guys.

guy romantic Model

You should know a little about her art. You can identify the hidden beauty is always around me. You always show a sophisticated woman, that creates the unexpected joy for life.

pompous guy Form

You should not be facing this guy look with admiration, which he did not lack. You should be a girl full of personality and confident in front of him. Tell him that you do not really care to him by your party so much fun.

Model guy dude

Be interested in him from the small things first. He will see you real close ... like the guy's mother. Also, you should explore the potential of him, and praise and encouragement he manifests itself. These guys will always be wrapped surprised by how "exploration potential" of you.

honest man model

You do not be haughty, quick chatter. This will make him feel distant. These girls are sincere and benevolent people in the dreams of honest men. With these guys, you can not apply the techniques such as playing catch. Be gentle and honest as possible.

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