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Holding periods

I hugged the tree tilted circle, angling in towards the keyboard.
skinny little fingers tiny delicate strokes on the two wire frames long road oversized compared to the shoulders and arms of children.

She you type the next beat is way way way way spleen, I feel like the children in mind, the children swinging to the music, eyes closed, head swaying.
This is not to the same session, burden nor troubadours, this is only one of their performances. They are artists, but me and they still retained merely spectators. Dramatic woven mats made of rush worn out the first four.

Two children sitting in the middle, the rest sit around the projection piece, the song rang out: and because each individual ... Today, his peace of heaven and earth to go down the ceiling, his knife to ...".<ê ê br /> Elves, flowers, birds dancing in the glowing barrier of my songs, but casual virtuosity, talented artist does not carry himself as the innocent children in music. I sing in the clear. "fairy godmother ample leave, do too much on the same blue flowers, à í í aa a. Oh. .. "End of song I held up the guitar circle dance around in circles, flowers upon her hands:" You're the light, when it is idle to play him again. "
not bend his bow, not marriage wind, ending song is soft and pride. I'm silent for a minute, you got me interested in flying, "he." wake me cheered:
- Two children piano too.

- Or anything to her, much more bags you offline or more children.
I steamed or eyes:
- I see what is opaque, only an estimated was looking at things clearly, please? only.
I hold my hands skinny said:

- In life not everything can be clear, even sometimes the eyes see everything clearly not obvious to you sir.
- But I did not make us blind as anything outside the guitar and sing out at all.
"But as the bags they blind "I heard the tears poured.

In the summer of that year, long ago, I went with you to provide culture for a class registration affairs. I am a teacher music teacher ethnicity of the children at the orphanage city visually impaired, so that I know them, are more little pieces of life lost in this city Traditional flowers.

Halls of children located in the center, but hardly unknown, because it looked like a dorm area with few homes fell for four cars, the gates of the rust, creak, old and tired.

Can the stars, the movie, Miss not know their address to charity, or they can be too little is not enough to burnish their names . Creator unfairly took away their eyes, others see compassion but they found no resentment nor anger anyone to accept only because they have a different pair of eyes in the mind soul.

Yes I do not know what the light is right at the heart fall, is luckier than I've seen the light gradually disappear, but it instead is a black light space . I said: "If I finish the blind from childhood, had barely remember her face the face did not see anyone anymore," a lemon to our regret.

In the camp This one also plays a musical instrument, playing customs moon, Next and Armor flute, United typing beat, The piano, the rest are kids singing monks, especially the children have a real passion for music especially for traditional music. Every time I come home to play, anyone have any network, sometimes crashing into my house as a club for music lovers. The neighbors came over to listen to the children crowded house sing, they blow gray for a moment and quietly sink into the music, sound horse.
For me the camp seemed a rare place where I can find a sense of peace each time escaped the torment of lovers, is where I was greeted with all sincerity not false. Because they need someone to share, there should be a slightly more visible to them to tell Windows blue screen lazuli, purple orchids that specifically, that the gray sky today ...

I get used to a tailor, her hat breaks all clothing apparel are damaged but still usable, to the they found clothes for the old saying: "Let me ask about me ... wear to school, play movies wrapped up truck back to camp. For the United red hat, for the next coat, also want something over? Hai, a mauve shirt This is my beautiful ... They compete for fun, this tao tao the other, seemed powerless before the nature of the bright kids. They did not bring anything to the other misfortune, they are still innocent innocent as children other children. I'm happy for bringing joy to others.
Because no musical ability and perseverance, so I broke up with social affairs subjects after less than a month, no time to hold the guitar then said goodbye. I split them back to visit, but the appointment was sparsely visited by little, this busy busy the other serial, bon chen life sometimes makes people have many reasons to justify for his actions. I also like many others, indifferent before the little creatures need love.

Half a year after I broke up with love, goodbye to the tormented find yourself a little breathing air, a most peaceful place to live it. Yes, when necessary, to new users, I turned the camp, they welcomed me as a buddy to go far, but I take his search Customs did not see, with her guitar periods, anywhere.

I ask, "Where Hai?" United said: "It's her home and then right, parents can not afford it adopted school here anymore. "Death is, last time I did not ask my hometown where my parents or How I heartless indifference as the Creator. Where are you now? Guitar thin laurel, laurel strings fragile, still hanging on the wall, I thought as I also hope singing somewhere "í aa sultry sultry." To charge someone to blame, but really now?

camp now renamed the "School of Hai Phong city blind." To pass the Pedagogical University, currently teaching in Braille at the school, and Thanh Giap very successful in music competitions for the disabled, U.S. up along with a young family farms.

Anyone looking for their own happiness, happiness that the people who look obviously not always be found.

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