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Her desire Violet

Desire is the beginning of all success.
dream is beginning the journey beyond the framework

-Napoleon Hill-
In the garden it , Violet flowers have a lovely, fragrant always shines. She lives happily with his neighbors.
One day, she looked lovely roses with gorgeous colors brighten the garden, she saw Violet so small. She laments: "So good luck with the other commissions, you are nothing. It might have made their roses once in a lifetime baby, only once is not close to the ground like this, I also fulfilled before her. "

There is a chance that her first love is the little flower asked:
- What happens to that?
She Violet voice earnest:
- I know she is always full of mercy and love. I ask her to please turn the Roses!
She stared at the flowers:
- I have my boet are demanding anything? One day I will regret it.
But Violet is a level insisted. Before the desire of her heart, she finally agreed first. She touched her fingers to the body's miraculous Violet, Violet, and immediately turned into a beautiful rose tree, pride rising with red flowers on a branch.
One day the storm passed garden, pull the branches broke, do all the trees uprooted tall. Both gardens were buried stamping tattered in the wind storm, except for tiny flowers close to the ground as Violet.
Tyranny. Clear blue sky. The purple flowers waving her Violet, laughing together. One look at her Rose - is Violet day - pity:
- The Look you, she is paying the price for the desired time on my post!
She Roses lies underground excavations , body broken, ragged flowers, try to use some embroidery last breath whispered:

-I have never known fear of thunderstorms. When Violet was a little spike, there are times when I feel comfortable and happy with yourself. But keep on like that when I felt so small, boring and bland. I do not want to live a life that only year-round stick into the ground with looks of fear, weakness, and when winter comes will be buried under a layer of white snow. Today, though about to retire from you, but I'm very happy and satisfied because already know how colorful the world is on high. I was living like a real Rose, a high-level forum to look the sun, hear the whispers of the wind and her sister play with the morning dew. I can touch the sticky coat of Spirit Light fragrant pink wings. I will die, but I was going to the ends of desire to live. I have made my dream. That's what matters most in my life.
With that, she slowly closed the searing red wings breath again and finally satisfied smile on her lips.

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