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He was fighting for my family

Maybe so poor they" expressed "that way to us from one another. They want him to get his old one with a home city. He knew if he went to make sure everyone will agree and will have a different life.

Now have a 16h5 ', just over an hour is that we meet, put together on "Wuthering Heights" My Dinh scenic sunset. Maybe today, as well as a few days ago, he still works, still online to meet you, the family and hear them talk about the two of us.

I always found him sad is not it?. But he never let me not exciting, it's probably buried pain that he could not tell the truth to me. Because I love you à H!
How many nights he could not sleep because of the concern, whether we have to be together or not? There are like what we have estimated an appointment after two years they graduated or not? He fought hard but struggled as they conflict with family members back up, the only sister who understand and support us.
They say you're a student also I had to work so much both the "choice" other. They want you stable right now, they do not want you to be poor when you get to rent it to stay like them, that branch of the school children that would be hard work, that I'm ugly but I see my beautiful, beautiful from the soul to the body.

Maybe so poor they "expressed" that way to us from one another. They want him to get his old one with a home city. He knew if he went to make sure everyone will agree and will have another life, if not they will never see us again. All, all have made him crazy, insult by the dignity and honor that I have is yours. Then we do not know the family, they will think about the words that they say they it?

But I love you by the energy, the bear trade hard, to go to free tutoring life cover. It is very similar in that you and I are very big ego. We met in a chance, when his sister care at the hospital, she met with her hometown. At that time I did not have one, like broken wings so the bird. I've loved you so much. Nature, but he said little sentimental, perhaps the mind told him that. Thanks for the bowl in the morning, thank the tears of children, thanks for the message and the brave of you ... to put it together. And now as we are of the same, but never go the limit because we have talked to each other all ...

Now he was relaxed when sending center line of this, and hopefully it will not reach me, leave it for his own. He does not want you to think much about it, but let themselves to be impartial on each side by side I want to see you are smiling and happy. He believes with his skill and he will get you and we wish each other the words appointments. But persuasion is very difficult, perhaps because he did not get along with them, have never sat and confided to each other, but people who worry, like saying to someone here who understands me. I know I say sorry for them because they also want good for me but hopefully then they will understand. And then he fear - fear of one day know the pride in you to blossom and you will leave me, then he must really hurt!

Almost 30 years old but he still can not find an advice at the moment, although he had known and shared countless as the thwarted love you and me. But I just ask you one thing - keep trust him.

Now it's time for me to pick you up then. Please wait for it dear!!

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