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He needed a wife make

day he fell in love with me partly because of the simple, honest rustic but increasingly the more they change. Now I love to shop, likes to shop, spa, beauty salon ... more like being around me.
I know no woman wants her ugly in the eyes of the people they wanted to beautify themselves. Beauty is not just for their own beauty but also for society, for the man they love.

But for me, there were no women because too few people want to own beautiful transforming itself into slavery, children's shopping addiction, it's shop for me.

He does not deny he had been proud to walk with you on the road or to the crowded party . The other guy looked at him with eyes full of envy because he has children. But behind the flashy moments that short people do not know that he has his own suffering.

Nearly wedding day, while he wondered how busy is enough money to our lives this morning, I only know the full procurement and enjoyment of their own, not shared, fostered by brushing with him.

monthly amount you give I desire to know you spend to save an extra room if the need so that you have used all the money you gave to purchase clothes, shoes or spa ... Every week I shop regularly to the spa to skincare, to create new hairstyles.

Alone I have over 30 pairs of shoes and a wardrobe of clothes packed third period. Long dress, did you ever ask yourself: With a shopping addiction that she could become if a wife is sure, for my family to fulfill it? And me, really he is very worried for our own future.

I remember the old proverb is saying "Better than good paint timber" does not? His father, two things we use "timber" and "paint" as a metaphor for wanting to say one thing: Do not let the glossy exterior form but please respect enchanting nature inside.

outer beauty of women is important but it does not judge the inner nature of man.

"Good Wood" always "better paint "my dear brother. You need not paint something outside, I need a rear children in a firm, a wife and responsible, caring family ripped earth.

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