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He hate me so I know Ko

Every time you come on my birthday, I know that I miss you so No, why do you lie when his former empire and now we have two apart, he did not want to give you away, but it's all because of you, in fact I was not pleased with you, I was cheating him, whether it's just words, but I know he hate the girl without the truth. Also because he himself is gone, so he can take the pain in my heart, I hate you because you were too dry days, listen to others but do not believe me, I hate you because you just how much that girl knew only their own interests without thinking about my feelings, I hate you because you did not trust him ...

Do you know whether you hate me How many times, I still love you as before, each day I sit the Promotion of thinking is what he is doing okay, he's passing is a separate act to rescue me, I hope he is wrong to have children can earn a better love him, he could not give you the confidence and happiness, this time we will not have two results together first .. Do you know how many girls have reasonable strategy through which he was only wearing his remembrance to me the most, their beauty, their district, the money they desire, they were not monogamous, so he ignored them, he just I have my next test will not be bored, lonely as now.

They say he flew butterflies, flowers of cherry, flame thrower countless, but alas, he is a person son, faithful, gentle and pleasant, ghanh why they envy him, he did not understand why, maybe because they do not have the blessing of like you, they envy him, so they want to double our separated, they had used vile tactics to divide us .. 2 and now they have succeeded, now look to him again, he found himself too foolish, too crazy because he's too tough situation, back or permanent, so he has no chance for me to explain, he himself that it is a decent person he was so handsome, but stupid fool .. Empire now he has missed the ball room ..

you Girl, I may not know now where you are in any way, but I hope that by his words can reach me in her sleep dream, and he has made it clear air horn with me saying "am sory my love" I'm sorry for what he did was to bring you, I apologize because I was too hasty coast has lost two of our lives, he I apologize for his charge too much and too much .. now he will suffer because of mistakes as before.

I wrote up here and wait for readers to understand the first part of his and his heart was once a silhouette of a person daughter, and I was wrong to charge her, this situation was now far away .. How pot could not confess his suffering ... I cried, cried so much, it tears through the pain from it, cry yourself to forget the past, he cried like a really decent ...

advice for couples human .. you should give each other a chance, not only will suffer tomorrow.

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