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He has said ...

ever remember him ever even just one time I stopped him, he suddenly has ever known e name in a moment he felt no remembrance, have you ever for a bit emotional though e only a fraction of my feelings for him are not
child, I used his name , the moment you miss a kill da person and that person is you, I wrote your name in wherever you can write to me when I remember, I've been wishing my life away on the road will to meet him, even a little can not go to his side, whether it be with a person of his other daughters kon, kon ng girl he loved.
I never have feelings for you have not? tc he never intended for children with a fraction of his time for the girls kon that?
heart many times I wonder, why you fell in love with him again, why do you spend for a tc, although I already know I love her for that kon is so deep, they are affordable too stupid, or my heart, regardless of who they should be loved, what you should not iu ng
Even if that is so loved him, but why keep on, keep on tc for me, although I know he never accepted and emotional response, whether you know in your hearts is the only one although I , a stupid kid in your hearts

I ah, I went to the road I met you once burned a light, though only one was burned, so you can rest assured about him, to rid what for you and me, it is not possible.

Jim! In any case, even if you have obsessed, although I have sad, they still promise me you will be happy, as if his own happiness, then I would be very happy that you very much!

love you!

pé pigs

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