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He has eaten all my sadness ...

-" You ah, to my house now offline! Less than 15 minutes after a brief phone call, he had heard honking in front of him PIM PIM. He is so, are there times when it should, without question or ask a question.

When the nights are getting cold and blue When the days
are getting hard
for you always I will stay by your side
I promise you, I'll never hide ...

I ah, to my house now offline!
Less than 15 minutes after a brief phone call, he had heard honking in front of him PIM PIM. Opened the door, he just thought, 'There car was also happy, that I walked half an hour it may take a little. " He is so, are there times when it should, without a question or questions. On the way from the door into the house, he could notice that he usually wore a coat to wear at bedtime. "Maybe I was called up, here is that non-straight", it thought, and sighed involuntarily.

UK and it is one thing confusing ambiguity between brothers and friends, a type of relationship is created by circumstances force people to close. On the way home where 13 thousand km and 7 hours of missed flights, people crave the warmth to automatically find each other, care and support each other as to satisfy the essential needs that.

new I cook delicious, invites him to eat!

It quick. Grinned. Despite the fact that he does not ask questions, from the doorbell to drop as low chair tumbled down a quiet home in the kitchen it. Always been like that, it tears and he sat silent put a paper towel.

It is back to the pan unfinished: a clearly something nice colors no smoke flavor is immense doubt . He snorted, then take the first sentence from the time to:

There is no food there?

It glared him a female. Suddenly I see interesting because the question-there-done-full body of his department. The dish was steaming in the right pan is a perfect product for those bad feelings are flowing in the head. Last night, it was faint cry so much. And one morning woke up in no worse state: hungry and puffy eyes. I crawled into the kitchen, it started washing then move / cut / hit whatever it can find in the refrigerator in a pan, then turn the stove. And the result is here ...

This dish is what that? (* Glared *)
This dish can be eaten by dogs or not? (* He just works! *)
Eating to have been okay? (* Unfortunately berberin forget why ah? *)

Hu! It glared back what he first, and then rising tone presented the process that it thinks it is sure to make this dish is 1-0-2. That it is that, for oil in pan to heat up, then drop into the fried tomatoes for like (do not forget to salt nhé) as then pour the egg and stir until a paste, and finally poured into the meat and stir fry sauce all up. Well, apparently still operating and a number of other things make the color blue in the pan again (!) It sports a sports meet for the dish to emit a fragrance is difficult to identify DC, with which the Left is an unexpected success that, pretending I did not see you're discreet tongue le ...

Finally finished! It all Lowland, pans, rice cooker, two pairs of chopsticks and two bowls, one to a small, out desk. Raking in a huge meal for him to bowl to, turn yourself a little on the small bowl. Not a diet head start (it's very thin!) But it does not eat a lot of capital! Then draw a little beak into the bowl in a pan for him. Chopsticks and dipped nervously waiting. He contacts one tablespoon of rice (which includes the second) for the mouth and chewed slowly, facial expressions are not hard to understand is thinking (!!!) Finally, he turned up in awe of it:

Oh, strange but delicious!?

Strange is back huh? Obnoxious, people have to cook delicious and of course ...

It pretended to serve phiu surface. But inside it was smiling. It's like cooking for other people eat, and enjoy the good people of merit. The sense of fun then, though small, but can also be regarded as a second happy.

Do you know this dish is called what?

No, there is even the name ah? (To do anything but name, is ingested it!)

There are names but! ... Egg sauce called Meo Meo ~

Oh, something weird name so he does not eat anymore - he pretended to let go of his wand, watching him smile narrowed narrowed.

this is - it is angry - but he must feel lucky, then I'll give it to the menu of restaurants you know!

Spring is, it has long since told him the plan a bit crazy of it: if the water does not find the restaurants will open, as did his parents retired, she cooked, published collection, while its sister, the steering wheel and gas service!

It saw me eating voraciously, found himself in the mouth feel good. Grilled understand why, it added:
In fact, this dish is exactly what my mood now he ...

I still eat, but it appears to center on the back it says more than words. Looks like he knows how, even without asking, so stupid she does not stay long in the heart of what this could well be the one spraying something. And it shows he listened intently (though still gobbled)

... chaotic, disparate, and difficult to define ... - it sighs.

years. Small time period compared to a human life but is large compared with its age. That period, her memories, just a sentence a word that can dissolve all star? It startled, stalked tangerine, hold a pitiful way and then cry in despair. But apparently, all those things only happen when it first yourself. Left to go outside, it was calm. As all times. Indifferent to the anger many times he yelled it, "I learned that the practice deceit Where is it?" He smiled. People have made it my heart trembled in happiness, then after that made it broken again ... People have suffered too much pain, that can not or do not dare open hearts to receive it ... I People believe that it is time to leave, also hurts a lot, but he always smiled ... I taught it "fake" like that.

It told him in the minds a steady voice without emotion. But he knew, and he thought he understood, as it is in the heart cry, it is straw heart with blood. It is still very immature, it is unknown how life was not a taste of suffering. Only a small incision alone made his heart bleed. This wound, to the last ever heal?

I listen to it attentively looked after ordination by his wit, as a mother heard her daughter timid questions about age of Moisture Committees. With it, he was "old" then, has ever experienced, heard of it he would have found boring. But he listened. While listening to just slow things digestive note left in the bowl, all in the pot again! The heart of it suddenly rises a confusing emotion, like he really grateful ...

Finally, when it only after, and food in the bowl and the pot is empty, he suddenly said a questions seem relevant:

I saw put the "egg sauce love" or more!
He tilted his head, narrowed his eyes narrowed it laughing:

I was eating every sorrow and pain in my heart I got you! Now I see that smile up!

He looked at it, waiting. It saw me. And suddenly smiled. Actual smile through it for 3 days unused. He did not say a question of comfort, encouragement or advice whatsoever. But I come here, eat it cooked dishes, and sat listening to it after the ceremony, for it was a happy thing. This happiness thing, it seems a little bigger than a feeling of joy when I cook something delicious that it was commended in the early days, they must ...

sent him to the car, it mumble mouth questions thanks. Did not know
he looked up with eyes looking at it as if it were alien. He laughed, first remove it stupid, the car hit the gas and then jump off. Not leave the vehicle at eye level, it sees the phone vibrate. His message "He's eaten all my sadness ... and I find it very sweet: X fai I can not try to forget, or to what remains provides mild sweet as ..."

It opened wide round eyes flashing. Phone rung 2 times. This is an incoming call. On the other end, his voice a little scared, but still warm to strangers: "Look at what this baby, why cry ..."

When love breaks our heart, love the stuff - was very ordinary - sometimes able to heal the wounds.

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