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He had loved her or not?

He used to date with dozens of her and now he suddenly found his heart beating the rhythm with a different girl. If you're a girl, how to know if he was really "up" her or not?
Here are a few tests of emotional guy for you.

He began to think about your future and in it

Before him, the future with a girl that is the appointment on Saturday night, but with you, the future still seems uncertain. He not only wants to meet you this weekend but also want to meet you for a year from now.

is priority number one

In the past, he often exercise very regularly. But recently, if you have time to have dinner with him, he did not hesitate to leave a training session. Then take the habit of doing work at home on the weekend also became overwhelming to him.

he willing to compromise

In the past, he is the only one doing the most with your discretion, but different. Not because you ask him, but he's willing to miss a gathering with friends to be with you. And he added you to my plan or change plans to suit you.

He likes with you

This is a visible manifestation, but very important to find that he really loves you. He is looking forward to meeting you and do not really care about two people will do anything. With him, was walking with you seems to be a way to use the best evening.

He did not notice much to the other girls

He had seen her walk through the magnificent front of her or not? Although he can not help but notice a beautiful woman when she went through, but when he is in love, it just seems to glide through images. Really no one else can compare with you. Also, he did not like chatting with the girls for fun as before.

two have many similarities you

A man can not love between a girl if they have no similarities. If he seems to always have the same "wavelength" with you and two people think alike, the more likely he loves you.

He found the habits of your very interesting

Anytime you inside the passport office when necessary. This makes you the "other people", but he found love again. He does not know why, but it's strange habits you no problem with him. He likes you just as you are showing.

He's interested in you

There is a reason why he did not really want to know more about the girl that he underwent the "sex night" because he did not love her. But when he loves a girl, he wants to know all about her: who she was, what she thinks, what makes her laugh. He is really interested in her and her feelings.

He does not stop thinking about you

The thought of you fills his mind. The image you uploaded on his mind without any reason. He just wanted to call your shot.

He ... Forgot your ex

Normally, when a girl broke up, a guy still spend a large amount of time to think about this and she wondered whether the two people sharing hand there should be a right decision or not. And concerns that may emerge when the two meet again. But since you know, thinking back to the old is what he had almost forgotten.

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