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He discovered that Mr. Wrong?

You are trying to ignore the little voice in my head said that there is something wrong in the relationship of the two of you, Something wrong in recent months, perhaps he is abusing you or fraud?! Check test. If he has the following expression, that is when you should buy a nice bikini and are planning a trip to the beautiful beach to relax yourself ....

First, there is loss of balance in the relationship of the two of you. This means that you always take the initiative or to decide things than the two of you together to work. For example, you call him more than he calls you, he indifferent, impartial, no worries to you for more than a week while you do not have to remember the more burning. You call him to tell him that you really miss him. Instead of having to say you miss him very well, but he is giving a reason he was so busy with work or make a general explanation of reasons not to meet the guy you are. It is this not prove that he can not come to you, this just proves to you that he did not want to.

Next, you find yourself or it comes to the future with him, he nodded approval, but the guy never mentioned the man's future plans. Because, it is clear that in those plans completely without you.

Next, if a guy you meet once a week and more importantly, most of the time you are dating the two end up going to bed. A man with your really serious you will want to meet more than once a week and he never promote a date or end it by the hotel. Whether something is happening, a decent man who also spent time with you. Or if he really can not see you be for reasons such as an emergency or a family crisis at work, ... he will tell you the phone and still keep in touch.

In addition, he call you at midnight to tell you that he can not sleep unless you are located next door. You should make him take a sleeping pill, then go to sleep and you will call him tomorrow morning. If you do not deny that says you can not sleep because remember him, then he will run to you and will make you sleep all night with him there. Note you'll see a bit of time he referred to paragraph 12 pm to 2 am, please be careful! He did not see you as his girlfriend and is just one of the booty naughty joke only.

In addition, he or promise to you. Both of you agreed and took up Friday is the day fixed for two people met. However, an hour before the appointment time, he called to inform you that he can not come, he institutes enough reasons such as the guy's dog was vomiting all day, he damaged the car, she or her man's disease or any reason why he can not come to you. This you can understand that he may have a plan, meet someone, b, a date with someone. Not only that, this also shows that he lacks interest in you or your time and will not really care for you if you moved him in the matter.

In about a month after loving you, he tells you that he is feeling depressed and nothing can make him interesting, right now he is looking for something fun appears. Trust him! What he was saying that he felt really do not like it when you stick with. Men are not afraid of responsibility. However, they are afraid to take responsibility for a woman they know absolutely for them. If a man wants to consolidate a serious relationship with you, he will not tell you what he is facing because he does not want to make you afraid or worried. He will spend a little time, a little more carefully, slowly and wait voluntary. You will not have to worry, fear, or oppose him in this story because everything was so natural and normal.

If you realize he has one or more of these gestures that described above, this is when you should re-evaluate their relationship.

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