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He did leave me "Hmm

Do you remember or he had forgotten the day we met? You and I have been going in the game that we can not Audition.Hom jump in, for the run and run.Em and I do not know why one day I speak vay.Roi love em.Em sure you want to think nghi.Hom later I received a response from anh_mot I do not know the face. Then we fell in love 1nam.Co 1lan I said goodbye, I do not mind because I love getting my gi.Roi 1nguoi 2thang hon.Roi other day he said he would to see you, I broke to wait on him to see em.Em remember that day was passed on 3 rd tet.Anh than 200km to meet em.Buoi noon on that day your child home cooked meal, the diner is finished, you and I sat in no.Anh bed tired and lie down on the bed, you were lying down, the two of us hitting each other, then they have the cheek gently aromatic 1cai anh.Roi 1nu he kiss me kiss me very nervous that ngao.Luc, disturbances to the heart beat, as if to jump out of the cage nguc.Em saw his tears falling away as we prepare children not khoc.Nhung nhau.Anh say I was crying, crying because they do not want to distance anh.Anh message to children that "B never cried in front of so many people while on the bus." And so we love each other for nearly 1 year nua.Hom through the upper class, and I was crying when I remember Silence of Thuy Yen listen Chi.Chung near 2nam but we love each day can be counted together with the 11d ngay.Chi integrity integrity nhau.Co love how so? Huyen Anh classmates remember you? It told me a lot, it says, "things to him, then it is his forever, things that do not belong to them shall never be yours." I always think about that question then you are also sad to go down . On parting they cried a lot, I was sick there, do you know? You know we belong together and that's nhau.Em know I still love you very much, does not he? "Why do not back to the matter? I want to be with him so he brought happiness to me, because he only just made me happy phuc.Em will always remember him because I Love You Forever ......... Only You ...............<..!!!!!!!!!!!!.............. br />


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