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He dares not reason through the green light has turned

Whenever possible you are trying to play" signal green light and you know the guy but also pay attention to minh.The had many opportunities go by that I do not see him giggle. You begin to doubt yourself? Do not rush.

Cause 1: He was injured

Can "past love "before the guy's not very sweet. He was betrayed. Do not think only daughter was haunted because of the disruption. To get people my heart so, you must first gain his trust. Be a true girlfriend, listen and share the mind of man. Finally urchin ruffled feathers when he disappeared inside, you build trust with him and love your ability to hold two people are upgrading to a higher level is huge.

Cause 2: He "give" more active role for you

The boys are very impressed with her own spider If news like Pink day.N can brave proposed before, why should not you be the guy that actively invite your attention to the movies. The club's modern girls always have room for anyone confident enough. All you need do is take a deep breath, creating a natural look as possible and gently invite someone to go out. A pleasant surprise will come when you saw it the other person's attitude.

Cause 3: He feared that the K

Please do not misunderstand K is not here, not related to the K sweet you '. General are also afraid that he refused to speak with a girlfriend go out with her. Him confused and not sure you will be able to agree 100%. A cute shyness. But do not let it go too far back and stand by pushing his ingenious idea before you. Really just a simple smile, an eye for him even though you're standing at opposite ends of two classrooms, a second piece of cute when you chat online ... more taste for a little guy with confidence, you will have dating a very interesting session.

Cause 4: He just found on the "free"

This is the only time you should make a friend "features special "guy's only because he was still" ecstatic "with the taste freedom after being preferred grip Control by an ex soat.Chang can not make the leap from this relationship into a love immediately but the new guy definitely needs the advice of a girlfriend for the release of what is remaining after the division tay.Voi these guys, let you temporarily in "idle "nhé! Hopefully he will soon resolve troubles with the ex right time.

Cause 5: The guy is a shame the tree

Time is the only thing you should give the shy guy in time because it is difficult to move forward to implement the first step is to get yourself back "disease" or shame. But you could not passively wait to be because you know fine day this guy cured. So please make sure your green signal is emitted regularly and clearly to men soon get the confidence you invites to the movies.
P / s: the boys would love that action by SMS, make sure the other guy has your number. You will soon receive a message from the wings of the shy guy myself.

Cause 6: She is close friends are "feeling the sun"

A friend also shared a "target" with you. And if she will really serious, you speak candidly with each other. If the guy really lethargy you can just let the guy said that to the other. Tell your friends and even myself a period of time sufficient to smooth her feelings as well as to ourselves to try thach.Trai through this time both you and your guy can come together freely comfortable but not found guilty whatsoever.

Cause 7: The story of three people

motifs again old love triangle ... If one of you friends crucial a man of public attention to you, do not expect he will minh.Cung initiative forward with such a girl, between the boys is an implicit commitment to something like a sentence: "The teacher, your wife , sister agencies "in this case because you are not lucky enough to be a friend of his attention to a man he would never dare even expressed to you in my heart that you really care about or have information may.Vay for he thought by declaring frankly and firmly to the world that you love me you is not "silly" when he was kia.Mot fully comprehend the inner meaning and function of the external consultant problem, you just need to be received invitation of guy that always thoi.Long patience but compensated.

8 Cause: The single

All associations were not close friends there who love him and every time he intended to you shall immediately ridicule him. But sooner or later he also realized that they only envy the guys that will work up the courage to approach you. To go into the process "reel", perhaps you should make your relationship with him by making a connection to her two friends are both village minh.Vay offline fun!

9 Cause: Because you are the center of the world

Since you are the kind of person the crowd so the prospect of open word with you in the middle of a group of her spleen chach factories constantly mess is terrible indeed with any man should imagine nao.Chi only saw all the beautiful words that will fly or turn off simple roi.Vay especially created for themselves many times over so I just have my guys have access not afraid myself! ca.Den cantin; actively choose seats next to him when the two English classes in school . That way, he'll take the chance with your attention in the absence of your entourage.

10 reason: He does not like you like this, but like you like that

can be difficult to accept, but even if you there was tilting because of how this guy will eventually be nothing happen. "Sea of ​​many fish out there" so there will always be guys like you because you are ban.Nhung they did not have half a chance to even look at because you are "distraught" by the the guy does not like you as you nay.Trong this case, it is best to face the truth: you can not change people to fit their standards of his ideal he did not infer ban.Va never really liked the game if you stop here, a door will close but there are other doors open for you to choose he would also take away a great love.

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