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Happiness is ...

Happiness is an afternoon last week about him, he welcomed me so quickly. You said you've been waiting a week, then wait another 10 minutes could not have stars.
You've never experienced that feeling of waiting a week goes by, so you obviously did not understand, I did not want him to stand in the way for you to add even just 1 minute. Really happy to see him after so many dates to remember ...

Happiness is ... when I was with him back to the kitchen hui. I want to cook him good food and a warm family feeling. Both meals a week collectively, I know I was such delicious food at all, lack of vegetables, lack all the joy of tasting rooms untouched dishes aromatic smoke. Really happy when they saw me eat it, it's good - and so you will learn a lot more food - because I know!

Happiness is ... when you and I play a game, if you lose, you will be called "small Small '(the oink that), but he must be gay" o o o "(a chicken which). But obviously you lose , I still forcing him to call "local effects". I see the joy in his eyes, was so bright - even though they had been bullied conducted. How I wish every side, he always has been feeling happy, there was that smile.

Happiness is ... when you cry, but a warm heart. I was surprised how afternoon. He was arrested for car gone, but what made him get off, then began chasing the car hugged you. "Just wanted to add a slice with you longer." Looks like a 10 min. Looks like a rainy sky taking the waving. UK stopped and bought me a blue rain coat - scared away the rain was wet. I lied, "if I'm on the bus to go home, then I went back to it." Frankly, they are ready to rain ten such a time in exchange for an additional 10 minutes with him. He held my hand and I wipe the tears on my shirt. There were tears so sweet, his children.

Happiness is. .. when you know in the last 150 years, I still love you. Love with a tender love, honest, warm and selfless. As a companion to me, is take my hand every time discourage you, hold you in my arms when cold, comfort you when you fail. sharing life with me. He - is happy. Do not fear those days will come because they believe that there'll always be with you, as a shield, as a fulcrum. As is the presence of happiness.

(According khocviem.0rg)

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