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Happiness is waiting

Love is not only a joy, misery, despair, but boundless passion for the different flavors too numerous. One of the things that bring me love that's waiting.
I do not know why I love him so much. My life became brighter, more beautiful, more meaningful because he is well. His determination and independence. He takes care of me, giving me a warm feeling.
On it, we are passionate about enriching students, to become the richest person in the world, despite knowing that it never happened. He dreams of wealth from the figures, the lines of programming code. I raise my wish for each of the language. Love comes to us gently and naturally.
UK - people technology, dry and without taking a percentage of the romance. I - who went from legendary world, always dreamed of a love as beautiful as roses and sweet as candy.
Then I love you, I love to accept a realistic, less romantic . My love has no roses as I thought. I do not doubt that throughout his time in love he never gave me even a single flower. Birthday gifts, Valentine gifts, gifts are 8-3 all necessary equipment for my computer. When a new pair of speakers, when the trees 2G RAM. I always lease term "claim" he bought me a lovely silky cotton pillow birthday.
Sometimes I'm so unhappy, but know how you love to be a realistic person Such high. I am expecting a miracle will happen. That someday he was going to give him a bit of romantic life. But heaven is far away ...
walking sessions, said the picnic was gradually given way to the meeting to the gallery, stone bench exam. England and there I was going out lives of students. Pleasant memories forever, never again. I used to have him beside her. Maybe I'll never far from him even though he and I do not have something in common. But I believe love will remove the barriers between us.

Ra school to work less and less we see each other. He works for a software company, almost no days off. I'm still waiting for the magic happens, I wait on his bride. But gradually I kept waiting far.
hours in his company also received additional job so no time for me. On holidays I usually roam the internet to kill time. I know he will never happen to visit my nickname, never even sent me a message line.
He seems to be a stranger, to call me I've never remember. I do not know if it's love we have come to an end or not? I no longer wait for him every weekend. I came to find me. I do not want our love back so faded. I hope to be able to irrigate our plants love green back. Many
Sunday passed, he remained so, nothing changes. My presence in the room with him is just invisible. The distance between us growing further. I desperately do not know how to do anymore. I'm waiting, waiting for him to tell me goodbye. I'm not brave enough to tell you that because I love him very much. Three years after graduation he stayed with me even though he's no longer the old days anymore. ...

But finally the magic that I went to wait. Saturday night he called me and said that he has something to say. My heart was choking, I believe the last day of the love we had come.
I makeup is beautiful, I wanted after breaking up in memory of him will always show up my pictures now. I came to the park where he had an appointment with me. I do not know why at the heart of insurgent strange feeling sad, disappointed and hope. Nasal spicy spicy, I knew I would cry if he does not appear.

He said nothing to my side. I still hope he will forever be with me even if I do not know flowers, buy gifts not know, do not know how happy I am with the romantic action. He grabbed my hand, you said you have something to tell me. He took me to a small house and fenced small bushes. He gave me lovely gift box. I wonder if there must be no farewell gift.
He told me to open the gift box, the key lies with the ring, he said that he wanted me to be mistress of this house. At the time I cried like a child, I thought I would never go and he shared this road again. Now I do not believe he asked me.
He finally has a percentage of the romance. I finally understand the meaning of happiness is like. Finally he gave me cozy family life even though he did not know flowers forever ...

According Ngoc

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