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Happiness is real!

can sometimes, in between two fire - off by heart, we all thought was love and trust, then you All right, that love remains intact and grows every day. Thinking about happiness is when touching wedding ring to know that the life we ​​have a commitment to sticking.

Although possible, a commitment which sometimes makes us cry like a child being bullied. That commitment can not lose when you and I also both a long way ahead. He thought about the days ahead instead of turning back. He kept in his heart cracks not to blame that we used to hurt each other but I know that happiness is fragile and needs to preserve.

Just try to go, little by little, small only, for one last day again, we will see how much you have. Happy to save and accumulate, is not it? Thinking about happiness is when we join hands together to know and feel full of love we have for each other. Because I used to love him so much, because he has never stopped her love for children. We loved each other with all the passion of a wild and rough peeled silk. And children will be born by love rather than obligation. To see you not only see the love we had, which will see our love will never end.

You can sometimes, in between two fire - off by heart, we all thought was love and trust, then you sir, that love remains intact and grows every day. Were planted in the spring, wild summer, eager to take the fall together thoroughly in mid winter. Happiness is not it visible? Think about thinking about happiness is suffering. Their pain so they grow and mature. These days, he found himself grew up and matured a lot. His colleagues have said so, himself also realized that. And you, you can find it where you? Affordable happiness will come when we look beyond where we stand?

Think happy, I'll think about life, the family, the fate that he stumbles on the road of life. Every man, every life, every family, each for his fate is a happy story. There are stories that happiness is noisy couple fled to the movies and I get into the holiday of love review. There is very gentle story for you know, happiness is when they hold hands crossing the street. Have philosophical story about a mother and two children, a boy selling umbrellas, raincoats a little selling.

rain, the mother cell often sell unsold goods, sunny back injury, she sold her raincoat crowded. Only after going through the sage, he said: She try to think, it rained just happy his son will sell rain coats crowded, sunny and happy for him just to sell boxes sell more boxes. Happy too! If we look at life through positive eyes, we see that happiness is very near. As well as the 80/20 rule. 80 people have died, the pain seemed to let it live for 20 people are resilient believes. Whether happiness is in our view, are not you? And I still believe that is true happiness! And I have shoots sprout that begins in my heart yet? To his buds watering with longings that small children, be with you, continue to travel with the target bar staff I hundred years from today. OX stupid of me!

By King of Love

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